Good Problem Solution Essay Topics for Firm Writing

Good Problem Solution Essay Topics for Firm Writing

The problem-solution essay is a popular academic assignment. It is a form of persuasive writing where you have to explain the problem to your readers, convince them that the problem is significant and worth solving, present your solution, and refute any possible counterarguments that you can foresee.

A good problem and solution essay suggests an actionable and efficient solution. It doesn’t have to be easy, but it must be realistic and possible to implement. Keep that in mind while brainstorming problem solution essay topics.

The composition depends on your essay’s volume. However, there are some necessary elements.

Introduction to the problem

In your essay’s introduction, lay the problem out before your readers. If the word count allows it, you can add some background information, such as the cause of the problem, contributing issues, and its effects on a community. Include a short solution proposal as a thesis statement – just outline it in one or two sentences.
Explain the significance of the problem
In the body of your essay, explore the problem and the solution you propose in detail. Present relevant research data to reinforce the importance of the issues at hand. Why should it be solved? Why should your audience care? How will the solution benefit everyone? Depending on the nature of the problem you’ve chosen, you can build your arguments on logic and statistical data or appeal to your audience’s emotions by sharing a relatable human-interest story.

Detail the solution you propose
Depending on the problem and word limit, you can propose several solutions. If that’s the case, make sure you explore each answer in a different paragraph. Alternatively, if you have chosen to examine one solution, give each reason why this specific solution is good in a separate section.

Be practical
Your solution doesn’t have to be a step-by-step business plan with every little thing provided for, but a healthy dose of pragmatism never hurts. If your solution requires funding, think of where the funds can be procured. What non-profit organizations can you involve in your project? What is the approximate timeline of the project? And so on.

Be persuasive
Don’t forget that your goal is to persuade the audience that the problem is worth solving and that your solution is the most efficient. Appeal to any successful implementations of the solution if it was carried out before. If this is a new and original proposition, you may have to build your case on logical arguments. Cite any relevant data, expert opinion, studies, statistics, etc., as evidence. Explain why you are convinced your solution will be effective.

End on a strong note
In your concluding paragraph, reiterate the gravity of the problem and reaffirm your solution’s importance by putting it into a broader context. Recap your most significant arguments for the answer you’ve proposed and outline the steps that should be taken immediately. End with a call to action or with a thought-provoking rhetorical question that will make your audience agree with you. For example, “Wouldn’t we all benefit from living in a fairer society?” or “Isn’t human life the most important value we should strive to protect?”

As you can see, writing a problem and solution essay is not rocket science. If you have basic essay-writing skills and have ever dealt with research and persuasive writing, you will do just fine.

However, for your essay to be a success, you must choose the appropriate topic you can handle. Here is where we can help. Below you will find 100 topics for problem solution essays grouped by discipline. Some of them are interdisciplinary, so if you don’t find what you need in a corresponding section, look in others. You may find something suitable there. The scale skews on the larger side, so feel free to narrow the topic down if you need something less ambitious.

Where do you study?

1. Library

Of course this had to be first on the list. The library is a great place because its quiet and you can usually find a dark corner to hole yourself up in for hours at at time. The downsides are that it is hard to find rooms to study in groups and the librarian will usually yell at you for talking. Also it may be hard to find a spot during finals time.

2. Coffee Shops

This a great option for people who need to work in a group and/or don’t mind being surrounded by others. It makes you feel like you’re not isolated so if you need some human interaction the coffee shop is the right place for you. However if you get distracted easily or need a quiet place to work then I can’t recommend you do your work at a coffee shop.

3. Beach

For those of you who go to a school on or near the coast the beach is a great option to get some homework and studying done. At UCSB I know plenty of people who did their weekly reading on the beach while they caught a tan. If you need to get some serious work done I would go with another option since many of you will forget sunscreen and will get burned.

4. Park

Just like the beach a park is a great option for those who really enjoy the outdoors and like to work outdoors. It basically has the same perks and downsides as the beach but it is still a great option to those who don’t have a beach but still want to study outside.

Where do you study? Feel free to tweet us with the places that you like to study.

Where to travel this summer for cheap

1. Southeast Asia

You can go to any of the Southeast Asian Countries and pay little to no money to stay at incredible hotels and see incredible places. Ha Long city in Vietnam is one such place where you can go to Ha Long bay and see the emerald waters with thousands of small Islands and caverns for you to explore. Vietnamese food is incredible. So many different dishes and flavors for you to try from Pho to traditional spring rolls.

2. Central and South America

Flights to Argentina, Chile and Costa Rica are affordable for those flying out of the US. In Costa Rica you can see both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans in one day, as well as see some amazing wildlife. In Argentina, you can go onto a Gaucho ranch and have some of fresh meats and food. In Chile, you can go see the remains of the Inca Civilization and spend some time in the rain forests of South america.

3. Egypt

Now that the intensity in Egypt has calmed down it is a great place to visit! You can go to Cairo and spend some time in hostels for 10-15$ a night. During the days you can venture out to go see the pyramids before it gets too hot. And at night you can go eat the amazing street food and spend some time in some of the nice Cafes out on the street and just people watch till the wee hours of the night.