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5 Studytips for Final Exams

You might feel like a boss for being twice as productive, but in reality you’re just twice as distracted.
Study one subject at a time, set a goal for the study session, have someone set up a content blocker on all your favourite websites, and have them give you the password only after exams are over.

2. Study in Intervals

Set a kitchen timer to 25 minutes. Study until it goes off, then take a 5 minute break. After four repetitions, take a break for 30 minutes.
It’s like building muscles, except you’re building knowledge!

3. Make Practice Tests

Go through your notes and write questions for every point that you think could appear on the exam. Test yourself without using notes or books, to see how much you already know.
Correct the answers, remove the questions you nailed, and retake it until you get everything 100% correct.

4. Vocalize

Try explaining whatever you’re studying out loud, to a friend or a roommate.

It’s a good way to see if you are comfortable enough with the material to use your own words, and if you know it well enough to explain it to someone less educated than yourself.

(If you don’t don’t have friends, don’t worry! This tip is still effective if you talk in front of a mirror or to your pet.)

5. Come prepared

The day before your exam, make sure you get some physical exercise, 8 hours of sleep, stay hydrated and avoid eating foods with a lot of sugar. This will help you feel less stressed.

Make sure you are groomed, styled and well-dressed on the day you’re taking the exam, to make you feel good about yourself and boost your confidence.

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