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5 Tips On Writing An Excellent Resume

5 Tips On Writing An Excellent Resume

Tips For Writing A Resume For College or Job Application

A resume is a tool that should market you and your skills. Therefore, a good resume is mandatory. You ought to create a resume that an employer will love and be compelled to invite you for an interview.

Tips that will help you reach a good resume:

  • Select the right resume format- There are three formats that you can use when composing your resume depending on your personal situations. These are chronological, functional or combined resume format.
  • Chronological resume- It is the most preferred resume format, both by the employer and applicants. This is because it gives out all your details and makes it easier for an employer to see your work experiences without hustles. This resume format works perfectly for applicants who have strong work background.
  • Functional resume- This type of resume is not preferable anymore since it tends to be outdated. It highlights key skills work experiences. It is most preferable by those who want to shift careers and people who have undefined work histories. It is long and does not highlight your details well.
  • Combined resume format- This type of resume is beneficial to job applicants due to its flexibility. It allows you to use both the formats of chronological and functional resumes. Recruiters and employers prefer this sort of resume.
  • Use a basic font- When writing your resume, the type of font used is important. The font used should be uniform and easy to read to both the applicant and recruiters. The font will make your resume to be attractive.
  • Include a summary of your accomplishments- Your resume should include your achievements that you have accomplished in line your career. This has a greater influence on the employer. This will make the employer interested in your resume. And call you for an interview.
  • Add your educational background- Do not forget to include your educational background on your resume. This will help the recruiter know that you are qualified and have the necessary skills he is looking for. Your educational background is compulsory to be included on your resume.
  • Your objective- The objective on your resume should relate to the job that you are applying for. You ought to be specific for you to stand better chances in the job you are applying for. Your objective will make the recruiter interested to call you for an interview.

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