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A List On Stores To Shop On A College Budget

A List On Stores To Shop On A College Budget

Stores To Shop On A College Budget

Most students on a budget spend their money on school tuition, school supplies, gas, and food. This leaves them with little to no money for pleasure activities such as, treating yourself to new clothing every other week. However, most students do not let their limited budget stop their shopping habits. Despite limited funds, there is a way to still shop regularly. Here are five places you can shop while on a college budget:

New York & Company

Founded in 1918, New York & Company offers a little bit for every type of girl because of their Soho and 7th Avenue Suiting Collections, which are currently on shelves in their stores. A reason why New York & Company is worth at least a window shop is their constant deals running in their stores. Every week, the store has a new deal and new products on sale ranging from $1.99 to $50.00. Another great aspect is that each clothing piece usually comes in multiple styles, meaning shoppers can bundle and buy something that fits well in many colors.

TJ Maxx and Ross

Put into one section, TJ Maxx and Ross have similar store concepts: each store carries a little bit of every brand (such as Ralph Lauren, IZOD, NIKE, and American Eagle) for a discount price (TJ Maxx is typically a little bit more expensive, has more variety, and also better quality clothing.). In addition, they offer more than just clothing and accessories, making them both more of an independent department store.


Another one of the top places to shop on a budget is Aeropostale. Although Aero is typically labeled as a tween and teen store, Aero is perfect for twenty-somethings as long as they avoid buying anything with the big “AERO” across the chest. Plus, since Aeropostale’s recent file for bankruptcy, the brand has actually updated most of their stores away from their tween and teen vibe making most of their locations now factory stores and more similar to a New York & Company, GAP, Old Navy, or H&M. In addition, the not discounted prices at Aeropostale are also reasonable. For instance, skinny jeans at Aeropostale run around $20 even, and they are identical to the $40 jeans at American eagle. It is almost as if Aeropostale is the BOGOF of American Eagle.

Goodwill/Thrift Stores

The last stop to shop on a budget is Goodwill and other thrift stores (This could also include used clothing apps such as eBay, Vinted, and Poshmark.). Although used clothing may be a turn off for some, others have caught on to the value and trend of thrifting.

Although some stores and company chains are limited to specific areas of the country or world, these five places can be found mostly everywhere, which makes them accessible to most students who are on a budget. Even though college is expensive and clothing should not be a priority, I recommend clothing shopping. Not only is clothing shopping considered a form of relaxation, retail therapy, but clothing shopping can also update your campus style and raise your overall confidence, all while staying within a limited budget if done right.

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