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The Millerton family is not clearly meeting socialization function because socialization is universal essentials for the family to cope and survive in today’s society. Socialization educates children how to take on adult roles as to how to become a good husband/dad or a good wife/mom. In this case study, Jimmy, who is Oscar’s son, is falling most of his classes and lying to his parent by drinking and hang out late with his friends instead of studying. However, the dad, Oscar knew this problem via Sandy, the mom but he doesn’t seem to be concerned. In addition, Jill, the daughter who is 14 years old has active sex with her boyfriend, and active in theater club even though she studies well and has good grades. Nevertheless, Jill doesn’t share this to her parents except for her best friends and cousin.

The family is completely meeting the reproductive function because reproductive is basic function of the long maintenance and continuation through marriage sexual behavior and reproduction. In the Millerton case study, there are three generations such as Oscar’s parents, Sandy’s parents, Oscar, Sandy and their children, Ophelia and her husband John, and their children. The family is absolutely meeting economic function because the father or mother is working outside the home, they provide the family with the monetary needs. Families need money to purchase the necessary products and services that they are in need of. For example, the grandparents placed $35,000 for each grandchild into college saving account. Also, Oscar has annual salary of $78,000 and Sandy has a part time job which $25 per hour.

The family is not completely meeting healthcare function because healthcare function is most relevant to the family because it is focused on the individual family member’s health status. In the case study, Oscar and Sandy, they are both overweight 20 lbs. However, they are working on it by walking ½ mile most evening. Another problem is Oscar, who has chronic heartburn, but he refuses to visit the doctor.

The Development Stage

Stage V, families with Teenagers is the developmental stage of this family because the Millerton family has 2 children who are Jimmy 16 years old son and Jill who are 14 years old girl. The developmental tasks this family must achieve during this stage are to balance of freedom with responsibility as teenagers mature and becoming increasingly autonomous. Next task is refocusing marital relationship. Last task is communicating openly between parents and children. I believe Oscar and Sandy have capability to achieve these tasks because they have marital relationship with their children. For example, in the case study, they spent their time to enjoy activities outside with their children by going to the parks, museums, and picnics. Also, the whole family members spend their time to each other for vacation twice a year. As a result, they have a chance for open communication, discuss about health concerns for drug and alcohol misuse, birth control, unwanted pregnancies, sex education with their children. Also, Oscar and Sandy can ask their children how they view themselves as a child growing up into adolescent and what they think these responsibilities hold for them when they get their first job.

Stressor, Strengths, and Copping Strategies

The short term and long term stressors are impinging on the Millerton family are: the short term stressor is the son, Jimmy who is 16 years old, is failing most of his classes, and begins to hang out late with his friends and drink. Automobile accident is a great hazard. The daughter, Jill, who is 14 years old, has active sex with her boyfriend. The long term stressor is without finished high school, Jimmy will not be graduated from high school, and will not have a good job. Also, he will be an alcoholic and has the risk of coronary heart disease. Teenager pregnancy, abortion, AIDS, and venereal diseases are risks for Jill.

However, the son, Jimmy is excel in football and baseball sports. Also, he did express that he wanted to be geologist, or civil engineer to his guidance counselor. The daughter, Jill studies very well and gets straight A’s.

One functional coping strategy of this family is the marital relationship with their children. They want to spend their time together for vacation with their children twice a year.

One dysfunctional coping strategy of this family is failure to provide consistent discipline to their children. Nursing Diagnoses

Inappropriate or inconsistent discipline related to families in which parents demonstrate a lack of knowledge, cognitive functioning or role identify as a parent.

I chose this nursing diagnoses for Millerton family because Oscar doesn’t seem to be concerned when Sandy has shown him the receipts of a pack of beer on several occasions in Jimmy’s pocket. In addition, they don’t suspect or know about Jill’s sexual relationship with Leonard.

Missing Key Information Needed

What are the family‘s child rearing practices in the following areas?

Behavior control including discipline, reward, and punishment. I think these information are useful data to assess socialization function.


Friedman, M. M., Bowden, V. R., & Jones, E. G. (2003). Family nursing research, theory, & practice (5ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education, Inc.

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