Identify the databases and search words you would use.

Nursing informatics project
Application: Using the Data/Information/Knowledge/Wisdom Continuum
Have you ever gone online to search for a journal article on a specific topic? It is amazing to see the large number of journals that are available in the health care field. When you view the library in its entirety, you are viewing untapped data. Until you actually research for your particular topic, there is little structure. Once you have narrowed it down, you have information and once you apply the information, you have knowledge. Eventually, after thoughtful research and diligent practice, you reach the level of wisdom—knowledge applied in meaningful ways.
Are there areas in your practice that you believe should be more fully explored? The central aims of nursing informatics are to manage and communicate data, information, knowledge, and wisdom. This continuum represents the overarching structure of nursing informatics. In this Assignment, you develop a research question relevant to your practice area and relate how you would work through the progression from data to information, knowledge, and wisdom.
To prepare:
• Review the information in Figure 6-2 in Nursing Informatics and the Foundation of Knowledge by Dee McGonigle and Kathleen Garver Mastrian.
• Develop a clinical question related to your area of practice that you would like to explore.
• My clinical question: how can we prevent aspiration pneumonia in patients with ventilators?
• Consider what you currently know about this topic. What additional information would you need to answer the question?
• Using the continuum of data, information, knowledge, and wisdom, determine how you would go about researching your question.
o Explore the available databases in the Walden Library. Identify which of these databases you would use to find the information or data you need. (Medline and Cinahl is what I use the most from our library)
o Once you have identified useful databases, how would you go about finding the most relevant articles and information?
o Consider how you would extract the relevant information from the articles.
o How would you take the information and organize it in a way that was useful? How could you take the step from simply having useful knowledge to gaining wisdom?
To complete:
Write a 3- to 4-page paper that addresses the following:
• Summarize the question you developed, and then relate how you would work through the four steps of the data, information, knowledge, wisdom continuum. Be specific.
o Identify the databases and search words you would use.
o Relate how you would take the information gleaned and turn it into useable knowledge.
• Can informatics be used to gain wisdom? Describe how you would progress from simply having useful knowledge to the wisdom to make decisions about the information you have found during your database search.

Describe the steps you would follow in the research process to answer this question.

Sociologists study social phenomena that are relevant to them in terms of the social climate in which they live. Todays climate involves: the aftermath of a war in Iraq that left Iraq ripe for Isis militants
a radical Sunni group determined to return Iraq to pre-war Sunni control
a struggling economic recovery from a deep recession at home
the crashing auto and housing industries resulting in huge unemployment and mass foreclosures and
a schism between political parties so wide that nothing is being accomplished as each party works diligently to stop the other party from passing legislation.With all of this upheaval it is not surprising that many sociologists are now researching and writing about terrorists economic upheaval and the loss of identity due to the loss of jobs.
During all of this turmoil the first African American was elected President of the United States. Many changes have taken place since President Obamas election and reelection to the White House. Few of these changes have been debated as much as the Affordable Care Act (ACA).
For this assignment you will use your sociological imagination to ferret out some of the issues behind this debate.
Go to the government healthcare website and find three facts about the ACA. List and describe each fact.
Using your understanding of theory and the chart on page 17 of your textbook explain how a functionalist conflict theorist and interactionist would explain the Affordable Care Act. Be sure to discuss the ACA in terms of each perspectives view of the individual social order and social change.
o Do not debate the ACA itself. Rather use these perspectives to understand how a sociologist studies the Act.
In a sentence or two describe your personal beliefs about the ACA.
Use sociological imagination to explain how you developed your beliefs concerning the Act. Include a discussion of a minimum of two of the following: race class gender religious and political affiliations and how being part of these groups affects your thoughts on the Act.
Finally using the materials in Chapter 2 how might you study peoples beliefs about the ACA Describe the steps you would follow in the research process to answer this question. Be sure to describe your study the method and a few specific questions you would ask.
Your response must be at least two pages in length using the Times New Roman 12-pt. font. Each part of the question should be completely answered in its own section. It is required that the sections use the following headings: Facts Applying the Perspectives Personal Beliefs Sociological Imagination and Research Process. Be sure you use in-text citations as well as an appropriate references page at the end according to APA style.

What is biological evolution?

Question 1
What is biological evolution?
the development of traits that organisms need in order to become more complex
gene changes in populations over many generations
the change that occurs in individuals as they try to survive in their environment
the steps by which the first life was created on earth from random molecules
Question 2
Which of the following BEST describes why the process of evolution is easier to study in fruit flies than in birds?
Fruit flies have a much shorter generation time than birds.
Fruit flies are smaller than birds.
Fruit flies have a simpler diet than birds.
Fruit flies do not live as long as birds.
Question 3
Which of the following groupings is the MOST appropriate according to the classification system developed by Linnaeus?
Group 1: whale giant fruit bat giant walking stick (an insect); Group 2: penguin ostrich human; Group 3: hummingbird bee water strider bug
Group 1: penguin ostrich hummingbird; Group 2: water strider bug giant walking stick (an insect); Group 3: whale human giant fruit bat
Group 1: hummingbird ostrich bee; Group 2: whale human penguin; Group 3: giant walking stick (an insect) water strider bug giant fruit bat
Group 1: penguin water strider bug whale; Group 2: ostrich giant walking stick (an insect) human; Group 3: hummingbird bee giant fruit bat
Question 4
Polar bears from the Arctic do not produce offspring with the speckled bear of South America due to:
temporal isolation.
gamete incompatibility.
behavioral isolation.
spatial isolation.
Question 5
Which of the following statements BEST describes the current knowledge about Earth’s biodiversity?
It is relatively common for scientists to discover new or fossil organisms that are completely different from other organisms.
Most species that have existed on Earth are alive today.
There is uncertainty about the diversity within various species.
Scientists generally agree that most species have been identified.
Question 6
Put the following in order of most inclusive to specific.
uestion 7
Match the following terms to the definition or example. Not every definition will be used.
nonliving microbes
most diverse kingdom
eukaryotic multicellular organisms such as mushrooms
eukaryotic multicellular organisms such as mammals
prokaryotes such as E. coli
eukaryotic multicellular organisms that make their own food
Question 8
Match the following terms to the definition or example. Not every definition will be used.
Only protists that produce their own food
Parasitic flatworms
Single cells that produce a glass shell
Provide drugs like aspirin and digitali
Animals without backbones
One of the most commercially important fungal forms
Produces the flavor of cheese
Jellyfish and corals
Shrimp insects crabs and spiders
Segmented worms
Animals with backbones
Question 9
Consider what you have learned about natural selection and mutation concerning health issues like TB and head lice and apply it to pesticide use and farming. Explain what is meant by a pesticide treadmill and why it is a concern to farmers and consumers.
Your response should be at least 200 words in length.