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1.Fruity odor on the breath

It is not always that morning breath is unpleasant, but it signals the existence of a problem if it is persistently sweet or fruity. A fruity smell on the breath is not something to ignore as it might be an indication of diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) a metabolic condition with a potential to become life-threatening and might progress as a complication of uncontrolled diabetes.

2. Bad smell on the skin

There is a difference between a normal body odor and that which occurs when there is an infection on the surface. The difference lies in the strength of smell. Skin infections can be a cause putrid odor from byproducts of bacterial growth. A dying tissue, gangrene causes one of the incredibly offensive odors as it smells like rotten meat.

3. Smellier than usual sweat

People with hyperthyroidism may sweat excessively the point of an increased classic BO. An overactive thyroid might cause extra sweat which might be difficult to notice, but the increased scent of the bacteria will be extra smelly.

4. Bad breath after sickness

Bad breath after suffering from an infection such as a camera is s sign that it is lingering on. Chronic bad breath could be a sign of bacterial overgrowth in the gums. It might also be an acute or chronic infection of the sinus. A course of antibiotics might be necessary to clear this problem. Consulting a doctor about the right medication is the best course of action.

5. Vaginal odor

Every woman has her odor,and there is no need to start panicking because of scent from the vulva. A reason to worry and take note is when the smell is new. A change in odor that persists deserves the attention an examination by a gynecologist who should be able to determine if there is an infection and diagnose the precise type. A woman should avoid using products like scents and perfumes to cover up natural odors because they might irritate.

A strong or fishy smell also deserves a check-up by a doctor. The fishy odor might be a sign of bacterial vaginosis. BV occurs as a result of a change in a vaginal bacterial community that might increase odor and discharge, especially after sexual activity. BV requires treatment as soon as possible to prevent more severe gynecological issues.

6 Strongly smelling pee

Poor gut health is the most likely cause of stronger than the usual smell from the urine. It is like similar occurrence in bad breath or stinky sweat. The pungent smell in the urine is as a result of toxins finding their way out of the body.The body should not stink if you practice good hygiene. A stronger than usual smell from nowhere should get the attention of a doctor. It might be a sign that the body has lost the natural balance to fight odors or is a sign of an STI or another disease.

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