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In Australia, Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders (ATSI) is the indigenous community that is still neglected. This paves the way to a lot of issues faced by this group of people. To mitigate them, nursing students study CHCDIV002 that encapsulates all the skills and knowledge that is required to promote Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Cultural Safety in Australia. There are a series of assessments that are rolled out to students who are enrolled in this unit of study. Whenever students have relied upon our nursing assignment help experts for relevant reference assignment solutions, we have never hesitated.

 Important Concepts For Writing CHCDIV002 Assignments

A lot of students have turned to us with their queries on these assignments in the recent past week. The first and the foremost thing that we do is to make them aware of ten important concepts for writing a perfect CHCDIV002 assessment answer. Following are the concepts that you must know before you begin writing these assignments. If you are not unclear about any of these, then this is the perfect time to get them clarified from us via the live one-on-one sessions with our experts.

  1. Cultural awareness
  2. How to involve the ATSI community in the planning and delivery of programs
  3. Cultural competence
  4. Decision-making
  5. Impact of the colonisers (Europeans) on the Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islander community
  6. Racism and discrimination
  7. Past and present power relations
  8. Communicating with the ATSI people
  9. Loss of land and culture
  10. ATSI diversity in Australia

You will find these concepts being used in the assignments that we’re going to discuss now. But before that, research on these concepts and gain a decent knowledge so that you don’t face much of a problem while writing the promote Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Cultural Safety assignments. Now, let us see the types of assignments that fall under this unit for students.

Types of CHCDIV002 Assignments That Students Bring To us

There are a total of five assessments that we have covered for students. We will discuss each of them briefly now so that you get a decent idea on them. So, without any further ado, let us get started.

1. Cultural competence assessment task

To exhibit cultural competence is one of the prime aims of this nursing unit. There are a variety of questions that students have sent to our nursing assignment help experts associated with this concept. So, have a look at a few of them to gain an insight into CHCDIV002 assessment .The first question revolves around the National Quality Framework (NQF) and about becoming culturally competent. Students are asked to enlist the guiding principles of this framework to state how diversity is applied as a principle, policy and action in Australia. As you can see, our nursing assignment writers have mentioned all the principles of NQF for this question. There can be a plethora of questions that talk about the concept of cultural competence, in the context of the ATSI community. And we’re capable of helping you with all of those questions.

2. Cultural identity and bias assessment task

For completing CHCDIV002 assessment task 2, students have to refer to the textbook named ‘The big picture’. based on that, students are asked to define culture as defined by the National Centre for Cultural Competence. Thereafter, our nursing assignment help experts also establish a relationship between stereotyping and culture.See how we have reflected upon how value has stayed even into adulthood. Do you have similar questions with you? A little help from us can help you complete writing it instantly.

3.  Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Cultural Identity assessment task

In the promote Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Cultural Safety assessment 3, our nursing assignment writers aware students on various techniques of identifying the cultural roots of the ATSI community in Australia. With the help of several prescribed readings and after conducting thorough research on them, we complete writing the reference assignment solutions for students. For instance, This question talks about the wellbeing of the ATSI community and here, we list factors like the impact of European colonisation on ATSI people, cultural and geographical dimensions, barriers to health and wellbeing etc.

4.  Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Cultural realities assessment task

The next assessment draws a picture of the realities of the culture that ATSI community dwells in, that is far away from what it is portrayed in the readings. Few of the questions that fall under this promote Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Cultural Safety assessment >The definition of cultural safety for ATSI people in real sense has been written in the answer by us. Similarly, other questions related to this assignment include concepts like cultural safety for ATSI children, six elements of the domains of cultural needs, personal identity as a cultural need, etc.

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