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Chemistry Research Topics

When it comes to chemistry research topics, often, most people think that it’s distant and attached to significant and complicated research. While it can feel that way in a classroom setting, chemistry is actually all around you. It’s in each molecule and atom, and is part of chemical procedures, as well.

If you are tasked with writing a chemistry research paper, you may be wondering what to write about. In fact, you can write almost anything you desire because most things use chemistry in one way or another. Choosing the right subject for you is a worrisome task, especially if it’s a study paper.

How to Choose the Right Topic

You can find endless issues and problems on which to write about, so it’s important to focus on what you understand best and the techniques you often utilize. When you write about something you know, even a little, it helps you. For one, you know a bit about it already, but for another, you can learn more and become an expert in this area of study.

The best topics are those that are discussed extensively at the academic level. They’re already popular and maybe a little controversial, so the paper is going to be interesting, and others are going to want to read it. Another tip is to link the topic to the subjects that you’ve recently covered in class. That way, you already know a little about them and are sure to enjoy the research a bit more.

Those who want a challenge may consider writing about a topic that hasn’t been covered in class but is going to be later. You’re going to learn so much and can prove your skills as a researcher.

Does Your Professor Pick the Topic?

Sometimes, your professor is going to require that you write an essay on a particular topic. However, there are endless opportunities to customize it. For example, if your teacher requests that you write about chemical neuroscience, you can branch out in various ways. For example, you can talk primarily about what it is and its history. However, you can also talk about the newest trends. Another topic could focus on what it’s used for or how it might be used in the future.

Some people prefer that the teacher tells them what to write about, as it takes a lot of the guesswork out of it. Since there are seemingly endless chemistry research topics, it’s hard to pick just one.

High School Topics

Most high schools require you to take chemistry, as well as biology, history, math, and English. The grade you get is going to be reflected in your GPA, which can indicate which schools you are allowed to apply for.

High schoolers might prefer to use organic chemistry research topics because they aren’t going to have the gear for more in-depth analysis. Options can include:

  • Catalysis
  • Bases
  • Acids (composition, usage, and properties)
  • Aluminum (and chemicals)
  • Industry chemistry
  • Chemistry in (ordinary life, human health, etc.)
  • Dalton’s Law of Partial Pressure
  • Ionic bonds
  • Salts
  • Zinc
  • Sulfuric acid

Entertaining Topics

Those who want to learn something new or be entertained while they research might like to stick to controversial themes or topics that have been broadly discussed. A quick internet search is enough to tell you if you’re going to like the topic you’ve chosen.

Options can include:

  • Ice cream
  • Chocolate (harmful or useful as a delicacy)
  • Are pharmacists chemists or medical professionals?
  • What replaces oil?
  • Why are some enzyme response speeds higher than diffusion rates?
  • Are vaping products harmful?

Some of these are interesting and entertaining, while others are more controversial in nature. Still, these chemistry research topics can help you get a good grade and learn something you already enjoy. If you have any questions, consider seeking help from a nursing research paper.

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