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Classification Essay Outline

Classification Essay Outline

What Is A Classification Essay?

Classification is the process of grouping items or people with the same characteristics together.

A classification essay is a type of essay where one or more items are put into different categories in order to make a point about them.

You have to organize the items into different groups and give examples about items that fit into a certain group. You will need to choose a group to place your items under and then explain why you have chosen the specific group over the others.

The following four steps will help you write a classification essay:

  • Decide what you are going to classify. Be creative when deciding what you will classify.
  • Choose a range of possible classifications. Ensure that your classifications are neither too many nor too little. Do not leave out obvious classifications either.
  • Decide the point you want to bring across to your readers. Ensure that whatever subject you choose to classify will provide a lesson to your readers.
  • Determine how classifying tour items will prove your point. Make sure that you can be able to prove why your classification items belong to the same category instead of a different one.

The following is a classification essay outline:

Classification Essay Outline

1.  Introduction

Describe your essay’s topic with broad opening statements. Get more specific about the topic as you progress with your introduction. A good introduction should have the following:

  • Tell the reader what item or idea you will be classifying.
  • Explain why the subject is difficult to classify.
  • State the thesis statement. It should explain to your readers your classification of the given item and the larger impression that your classification makes about the item.
  • State the specific support for your classification.

2.  Body Paragraph

Every category that you list in the thesis statement should have its own body paragraph. Support each category with examples that provide proof on the validity of the points you are trying to bring across.

Your body paragraph should:

  • Begin with topic sentences that relate to your thesis statement.
  • Explain each specific support for your classification.
  • Explain why you have places the item in that classification instead of the others.
  • Explain why your classification makes a larger point about the item.

3.  Conclusion

End your classification essay by re-emphasizing the main points. It is important to restate your thesis statement while starting your conclusion. The conclusion paragraph should start with a specific point and lead to broader topics.

Ensure that your conclusion:

  • Restates your thesis statement.
  • Summarizes the different classification you have discussed.
  • Summarizes why you placed a particular item in a specific classification and why it suits the item.

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