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College Admission Essay Outline

College Admission Essay Outline

College Admission Essay Outline

A college admission essay is an essay that students are required to write in order to be accepted into a college. It is meant to convince the admission board that you would be the perfect fit for their college.

Your college admission essay needs to be very catchy and interesting since the admission board is made up of strangers that have never met you and are supposed to get an idea of who you are through your essay. It provides information about your history, interests, and creativity.

A college admission essay also gives the admission board an opportunity to evaluate your communication and writing skills.

The following is a college admission essay outline:

College Admission Essay Outline

1. Introduction

A college admission essay should have a well crafted and interesting introduction. The introduction is responsible for grabbing the reader’s attention. You, therefore, need to make it as clear and interesting as possible to push the reader to read the rest of your essay. An introduction includes:

  • A statement or phrase to grab the reader’s attention.
  • An introduction of the main points.
  • A thesis statement.

2. Body Paragraphs

The body is the most important part of a college admission essay. You should write three body paragraphs. Each paragraph should introduce and explain a different idea. A good body paragraph should start with a topic sentence that states what the section is about. the body paragraphs should include:

  • A topic sentence.
  • Evidence to support your main idea.
  • An explanation about yourself.
  • Specific and detailed explanations and examples.
  • Details as proof.
  • Vivid images instead of generalities.

3. Conclusion

Your conclusion should restate your thesis statement and the body paragraphs. Restating helps to remind your readers of the overall contents of your essay. Finish off your essay with a statement or phrase that indicates a wrap-up. The conclusion should include:

  • Restatement of your thesis statement.
  • Restatement of your body points.
  • Closing that explains why your essay is important.

In addition, you can follow the following tips in order to come up with the best college admission essay:

a) Choose a topic that is appealing and easy for you to write.

b) Write the first draft:

  • Narrow your topic and be specific.
  • Brainstorm and write down everything you can come up with about your topic. Choose the best ideas and make a brief outline.
  • Write down a rough draft and go through it crossing out unnecessary information.

c) Polish the essay.

  • Add details that make your essay more interesting.
  • Reveal enough things about you but don’t be confessional.
  • Be concise.

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