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Common Application Short Answer Essay Tips

Common Application Short Answer Essay Tips

Tips For Answering Common Short Answer Application Essay Prompts

In order to make you short essay count by using the instructed word count follows the following tips. Most short answer application essay will ask you to illustrate on career experience or extracurricular activity that has affected your life. This essay is short but it is important in the application process. This is the opportunity where you can explain how one activity influenced your academic and career goals. It gives chance to highlight you passion and personality to the admission officers. The following tips can help you write a killer short answer essay application.

  • Pick the right activity-You may pick an activity thinking that you can elaborate it further but when you start writing; you find you do not have the points.  You should use the word count to communicate clearly to give the expected information. Do not take a short answer section as an opportunity to clarify but tell about the activity that has influenced in your life. Give a relevant long-term activity that is important to your life and career goals. The admission officers want to see what makes you stand out. Use the opportunity to show how one of your greatest passion has affected your life.
  • Give reasons why the activity is important to you-The word used to explain should be understood and put  in action when writing your short essay. Do more than elaborating by showing how it relates to you. Analyze the activity you have chosen. The admission officers are not interested to learn about the activity but you.
  • Give details and be precise-Whichever activity you chose to elaborate gives the necessary information.  Use simple and clear language to explain your activity. Being precise will really capture what your passion are. Do not just say you like something; say what aspect you like that is related to your discipline.
  • Let every word count-The length of the short essay varies from one college to another. Since they require you to use a few words, your word diction should be done in a careful manner. Be brief and concrete when writing your essay. Avoid repetition of words since it will lose focus. You should use most of the word count limit that is allowed.
  • Use the right tone-Use a serious and play tone to write you short answer application essay. Do not brag and try to write you essay with energy
  • Be honest-Do not create an insincere reality in order to impress the admission officers. They admit applicants who reveal passion, honesty and motivation.

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