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Common Nursing Assignments

Common Nursing Assignments

The primary concern of nursing education is to train nurses about the provision of quality care to their patients and families. It demands the technical experience together with an appropriate expressing of ideas by presenting information in the written form. Writing in nursing will involve combining of terminology and general language, but it must follow the standards of scholarly writing. There are many assignments that nursing students write to exhibit their knowledge of the subject as well as showing their ability to express ideas.


The Most Common Nursing Assignments


There are different expectations for various nursing assignments, but these are the assignments that everyone in a nursing program will write.




An essay is a short assignment on a topic that a student or a lecturer chooses. Most essays are short comprising of five paragraphs with an introduction, the body, and a conclusion. It gauges knowledge of a topic and tests writing skills.


Term paper


A term paper is an extended essay that students write at the end f an academic term on a topic they covered during this time. Developing term papers requires researching for information from various credible sources to find evidence that supports the arguments.


Case Study


Case studies report of the investigations on one or more patients having an illness or a health condition to determine the circumstances behind the happening. Students write it is during practicum to reveal the patient’s demographic information, diagnosis, current care plan, and recommendations.


Nursing report


An analysis of a situation, its progress and the way it might change nursing practice. A report is the end product of an investigation and background research.



One of the most contributors to overall grade is a coursework paper as it covers the academic areas that student has covered during an academic year. It combines finding from experiments and research work that students write over days or weeks because it is long





PowerPoint assignment is information on a particular subject that is presented in the form of slides that a student creates with special software. The purpose is to create something that a student can present visually before an audience.





A thesis is a lengthy academic paper presenting research findings on a topic chosen by the student within a nursing specialty. This assignment is for students pursuing their Masters in nursing degree. The work should be original in the format as well as a citation that the nursing school uses.



Capstone project


This is a project is one of the last academic projects in a study program presenting evidence-based solutions to a real problem. Raw data derived from primary sources and published literature provides a new concept that is a problem solution ready for adoption by other people.





A dissertation is a project at the end of a PhD in nursing program assessing the knowledge that a student has about nursing and if it is enough to qualify for a terminal degree. It presents research findings from independent sources on a chosen topic in the instructed format.

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