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In addition to the inhibition of cell membrane process of fungal organisms, clotrimazole also inhibits fungal metabolism and transformation of fungi into mycelial forms that are the infective forms of yeast. Through these actions, this drug can eliminate fungal organisms through fungicidal effects. For this reason, this drug has been identified as the primary choice for treating all types of candidiasis among pediatric and adult patients.

Other therapeutic actions of this drug include inhibition of purine uptake by the fungal cells and also defective biosynthesis of lipids. Clotrimazole is not only used in treating fungal infections, but it can also help in treating diarrhea due to its action chloride receptors in the cells lining the intestinal epithelial layer (Akins & Sobel, 2017)


Diaper rash is caused by a yeast infection that is usually introduced into the baby through unhygienic conditions surrounding the process of changing the diapers. Hence this condition is highly preventable. For the above client, the mother needs to be educated on how to manage diaper rash at home. The goal of this health education is to treat the rash and to reduce exposure to further yeast infection (Sharifi-Heris et al., 2018).

The mother should be encouraged to keep the area around the diaper region as dry as possible. This is achieved through drying the place with a towel before putting the baby’s diaper on. Also, the diaper that the baby is putting their own should be dry. Doing this is essential to prevent yeast from colonizing the parts of the diaper and the baby (Sharifi-Heris et al., 2018). To promote dryness of the baby, it is necessary for the mother to have the baby free from any diaper or closed clothe. Allowing the baby to stay open without any diaper on should be done in a clean environment that is free from other organisms that can introduce infections to the baby.

Maintenance of hygiene is another aspect that the mother needs to know about diaper care. She is to be encouraged to ensure that hands and other materials need to change the diaper area as clean as possible to prevent the introduction of other infections such as urinary tract infections. In addition to this, there is a need for mothers to avoid irritant solutions such as soaps to clean the baby in the diaper area (Klunk, Domingues & Wiss, 2014). She should instead use a clean towel to wipe the baby when changing the baby. If necessary, the mother should use antifungal gel to protect the baby’s skin against any form of fungal infections. The mother should also be taught on the signs and symptoms that warrant the baby to be taken to a clinician. They include infected rash, fussy child, and seek-looking behaviors.

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