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Describe the types of evaluation you plan to use in general terms

Health Promotion program proposal Worth: 35% Please review the rubric on Blackboard for the marks allocation Length: up to 2000 words (excluding table of contents tables figures and references) Due: Friday 5th June 2015 uploaded to Blackboard by 6pm Project Proposal 1. Title of the program: e.g. Seniors Pedestrian Injury Prevention Program (SPIPP) 2. Contents page: list all your main headings 3. Synopsis: Introductory information about the health issue the proposed program and potential benefits of the intervention; up to 350 words. This should set up the marker so they do not have to re-visit assessment 2. 4. Goal: Please include a SMART program goal. 5. Objectives: You will also need to re-state and include your behavioural and/or environmental programobjectives (5 in total). If appropriate write sub-objectives (usually no more than 2 or 3 per objective). The number of objectives and sub-objectives recommended have been limited in order to reduce the complexity of the assignment. 6. Strategies: refer to Modules 6 and case studies presented. In selecting strategies clearly illustrate a relationship between objectives sub-objectives and each chosen strategy. List and describe selected strategies along with relevant details (they may include mass media group approaches individual contact approaches policy and structural changes). This should be a brief description of your strategies once again think about using a table but you must provide enough detail so that the reader is well informed on what you are proposing. Strategies need to be realistic so keep in mind your timeline and available budget. This is the main focus of this assignment and you need to demonstrate clear links between objectives sub objectives and strategies. 7. Evaluation: refer to Modules 3 and 4.Describe the types of evaluation you plan to use in general terms. Some aspects of your evaluation particularly process evaluation may be discussed within your strategies section or entirely within the evaluation section. This is a small focus of this assignment and should demonstrate that you are familiar only with the basic evaluation concepts. 8. Timeline: this will spell out what happens when and may be linked explicitly to your strategies or presented separately. You might find a Gantt chart provides a useful way to present this. 9. Sustainability and Capacity building: refer to Module 9. Describe examples of how health promotion sustainability and capacity building will be incorporated into the program you have designed. 10. Paraphrasing citing and references: Include a list of references cited in the proposal e.g. for the health issue strategies and evaluation. If some of your strategies include adapting or using already existing resources training programs workshop curriculum and so on then these will also need referencing.

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