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Discuss the principles of data integrity professional ethics and legal requirements related to data security regulatory requirements confidentiality and clients right to privacy

The purpose of this assignment is to explore the specialty of telehealth and more specifically telenursing as one example of the use of technology in various practice settings. Advantages and disadvantages for the patient and legal and ethical principles for the nurse of this technology will be explored.
Course Outcomes
This assignment enables the student to meet the following course outcomes:
CO #2: Investigate safeguards and decision-making support tools embedded in patient care technologies and information systems to support a safe practice environment for both patients and healthcare workers. (PO #4)
CO #6: Discuss the principles of data integrity professional ethics and legal requirements related to data security regulatory requirements confidentiality and clients right to privacy. (PO #6)
This assignment is worth a total of 200 points.
Due Date
Your completed paper is due at the end of Week 4. Submit it to the basket in the Dropbox by Sunday at 11:59 p.m. mountain time. Post your questions to the weekly Q & A Forum. Contact your instructor if you need additional assistance. See the Course Policies regarding late assignments. Failure to submit your paper to the Dropbox on time will result in a deduction of points.
Our text (Hebda 2013) provides us with a broad perspective on telehealth. However the specialty of telenursing is only briefly discussed. Healthcare is readily embracing any technology to improve patient outcomes streamline operations and lower costs. This technology includes the use of various applications based in various environments where registered nurses indirectly provide professional nursing care.
The following scenario serves as the basis for your paper:
You have worked with Tomika for the past five years. Tomika shares with you that she has resigned and plans to work in an agency that installs telemonitoring equipment into the homes of those with chronic illnesses. Nurses monitor the patients using the equipment with the goal of detecting problems before patients need to be readmitted to the hospital. Tomika will be working from her own home with occasional meetings at the agency. She would not be visiting her patients in their homes but rather would be assessing and interacting with them via videoconferencing. She tells you that there are still job openings and encourages you to apply.
You are intrigued by this and decide to investigate whether telenursing would be a good choice for you too. Is telenursing in your future?
DirectionsYou are to research (find evidence) compose and type a scholarly paper that describes telenursing as described above and whether it is a good fit for you. Reflect on what you have learned in this class to date about technology privacy rights ethical issues interoperability patient satisfaction consumer education and other topics. Your text by Hebda (2013 Chapter 25) discusses telehealth in detail. However your focus should be from the professional nurses role in telenursing. Do not limit your review of the literature to only what you read in your text. Nurses in various specialties need to know about the advantages and disadvantages of telenursing as it applies to their patients. For example when you discharge a patient from an acute care setting will a telenursing service assist that individual with staying out of the hospital? You may need to apply critical thinking skills to development of your paper. In the conclusion of your paper describe your current employment situation and whether a job in telenursing would or would not fit with your career goals and life situation once you graduate from Chamberlain.
Use Microsoft Word and APA formatting to develop your paper. Consult the Publication manual of the APA 6th edition if you have questions for example margin size font type and size (point) use of third person and so forth. Take advantage of the writing service Smarthinking which is accessed by clicking on the link called the Tutor Source found under the Course Home tab. Also review and use the various documents in Doc Sharing related to APA.
The length of the paper should be 45 pages excluding the title page and the reference page. Limit your references to key sources.
The paper should contain an introduction that catches the attention of the reader with interesting facts and supporting sources of evidence which need to be mentioned as in-text citations. Keep in mind that APA guidelines state you are not to call this an Introduction but you should include it at the beginning of your paper. The Body should present the advantages and disadvantages of telenursing from your perspective as an employee and the patients perspective as a recipient of the care nurses provide. The Conclusion and Recommendations should summarize your findings and state your position on whether you will apply for a position with the agency.

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