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Disrupting the Student-Tutor Learning Experience

As former students, we’ve experienced being stuck on a single problem. Finding the solution to that problem may not take the traditional 30- or 60-minute tutoring session that we are all too familiar with. Oftentimes, having a qualified, trusted tutor to provide guidance is all that is necessary.

These are the interesting market problems that we are trying to solve at Studypool. On the one hand, students don’t need help for the entire allotted tutoring session. On the other hand, tutors stall to fulfill the time slot, so they are paid in the full amount. Perhaps the most interesting phenomenon are the parents involved in the transaction: they believe that longer tutoring sessions correlate to better grades for the students, and reinforce time slots.

We believe in foregoing the legacy methods of tutoring. If a question is the barrier to learning, why not simply address that specific question directly?

Keeping this vision in mind, we’ve had success in providing a software solution to the marketplace. Seeing students post questions and selecting a tutor of their choice to help answer their questions, in record times (8-11 minutes for “Easy Questions”), has been incredibly rewarding for the team to see.

It’s a start, but we’re not satisfied yet. We admire the quality of service that Uber drivers provide, or the standard AirBnB experience that hosts provide. Warm, friendly, and encouraging tutors is something we’re currently working towards, and taking the tutoring experience to the next level has been amongst our top priorities.

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