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Graduate programs related to nurses and midwives indeed forms the platform of supporting graduates in their early stages of practice as registered professionals. If you are one of the graduates, then such courses will serve the purpose of building your knowledge, skills and much-needed confidence.

What Is the Need for Such Evaluations?

The need for a framework was identified during a study conducted where the results demarcated that graduate nurses and midwives happen to face a lot of challenges related to professional, organisational, and personal areas. These frameworks were developed keeping in mind the following points for the graduates:

  • Improved stability of the graduate group
  • Higher nursing competency
  • Improved patient care
  • Lower attrition and job satisfaction
  • Reduced expenses in recruiting and employing casual staff members

Aims and Objectives of Registered Nurse Early Graduate Programs

These midwifery graduate programs were developed with a clear set of goals and objectives characterised into:

The Professional Objective

This contributes towards the strong association with the nursing and midwifery positions that understand the role of nurses or midwives within the discipline of the health workforce and reflective practice. It includes transferrable professional attributes such as time management, accountability, communication, leadership, and professional development.

The Organisational Objective

Such objectives assist nursing and midwifery graduates in operating effectively within the organisation. These programs operate to promote organisational culture that ensures graduate nurses and midwives to find the right place and their recognition within the organisation.

The Personal Objective

The personal objective takes a look into promoting life-long approaches for the well-being by providing you with accurate information, experiences, skills, and knowledge to address their concerns and needs as beginning practitioners. Such skills and knowledge are helpful in assisting them in the future.

The Clinical Objective

It consolidates as well as expands the clinical abilities, judgment, and confidence of graduates to build supportive environments and foster opportunities that will eventually help you in different clinical roles.

The Program Logic Model

One of the reasons why students search for the best nursing graduate programs in Australia is because of the need for a professional career in the nursing and midwifery discipline. However, the journey is not as easy as it looks. Once you graduate, it takes a lot more to become a registered nurse and given below, are the standard steps involved in it:

Does it sound unachievable? Well, the presence of many portfolios for nursing students assignment help services can make it easy for you to solve all your problems and assist you to become a registered nurse.

However, the corresponding program logic model is designed to articulate the theory under which many nursing and midwifery graduate programs are based upon. Graduate programs are held under the health services program logic model, which gives an overall holistic view to forming the framework for:

  • Health services – Typically comprise of graduate recruitment and selection procedures, different infrastructure, resources,  and materials.
  • Department – Comprises of policy directions, research funding, funding for graduate places as well as the development of resources which includes website and associated documents.

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