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Exemplification Essay Outline

Exemplification Essay Outline

Exemplification Essay Outline

An exemplification essay is a form of argumentative or analytical essay that uses examples to prove a thesis statement. Writing an exemplification essay requires you to focus exclusively on examples. You should avoid using scholarly or academic sources to support your claims and rather use examples. You are required to provide solid support and strong evidence to prove your main statement in an exemplification essay.


Exemplification Essay Outline


The following is an exemplification essay outline:

1. Introduction

The exemplification essay introduction is made up of three main components:

  • A hook. The hook is used to grab the readers’ attention. This can be an interesting fact, relevant quote, or anything that would effectively captivate the readers’ attention.
  • Background information.  Provide any necessary background information that may not seem like general knowledge. This will help paint a clear picture of your topic for the reader to follow.
  • A thesis statement. The thesis statement is used to create the focus of your essay. This should eliminate any confusion about what will be discussed in the body.

2. Body Paragraphs

The body of an exemplification essay should contain three paragraphs. Each paragraph should include its own example to describe. However, the general style of each body paragraph is identical. It includes:

  • Topic sentence. Present a topic sentence that precisely explains what examples you will be introducing.
  • Transition sentence. Ensure that there is a smooth transition from the previous point to the next when writing each sentence.
  • Claim. Present a position or claim that directly supports the thesis statement. Ensure that the connection is evident, so that your readers can easily understand your explanation.
  • Evidence.  Present the evidence that you have gathered from the research that you have carried out. This will validate your examples and enforce your position.
  • Closing statement. Present a concluding statement that summarizes the significance of your examples with regards to the thesis statement.

In addition, you should keep the following in mind when writing an exemplification essay:

  • An exemplification essay should start with a generalization about the topic.
  • Once a generalization is made, expound it by providing examples that are relevant to the purpose of the argument in order to increase the relevance of your essay.
  • Make sure that you organize the examples logically.
  • Since an exemplification essay is a well-researched generalization, make sure that you do not jump to a hasty generalization.
  • Ensure that your readers will be able to follow the logic that is used in your exemplification essay.

3. Conclusion. your conclusion should:

  • Restate your thesis statement.
  • Summarize your three supporting examples presented in the body paragraphs accordingly.
  • Offer an overall concluding statement.

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