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Fast, Easy, and Secure Access to Flexible Talent

2020 has been a banner year for business continuity challenges—from natural disasters, to COVID-19, to a global recession. Now, companies are considering how they’ve adapted and wondering: What do these changes make possible?

“Businesses are starting to see a new path for them to be competitive, to be very cutting edge in this dynamic business environment that they’re in,” said Hayden Brown, president and CEO of Upwork, during theCitrix Workspace Summit.

The advent of remote work at scale has prompted businesses to rethink core tenets of how they do work, particularly their talent strategies. A survey by Upwork found that a majority of hiring managers (62%) believe their workforce will be more remote than before COVID-19. And nearly half (47%) of hiring managers are more likely to engage independent talent in the future.

“Forward-thinking organizations are embracing flexible work to enhance and expand their talent pools in ways they couldn’t previously and to build and acquire the modern skills they need to not just return to where they were, but power their business forward.”

—David Henshall, President and CEO, Citrix

Even with the success of this remote work experiment, however, digital transformation is complex. When it comes to talent, how can companies provision and deprovision safely? Nearly one in five CFOs (19%) said they’re currently worried about cybersecurity risks—more than three times what was expressed in a similar survey by PwC near the start of the crisis.

At the intersection where these realities meet are Citrix, the global digital workspace leader, and  the leading online talent solution. The two companies first joined forces earlier this year and have teamed up again to launch an integrated solution that’s purpose-built to power flexible work

“[We] help organizations successfully adapt, navigate, and really benefit from the new normal of remote work and the increasingly distributed workforce,” said David Henshall, president and CEO of Citrix.

It’s a collaboration that enables flexible work models and provides fast, transparent, and cost-effective access to specialized talent that can fuel business innovation and growth. Here’s a look at how Upwork Microapps for Citrix Workspace can work for your business.

Find quality talent on  directly 

Citrix Workspace enables organizations to give workers the resources they need—including apps, content, and key business services—wherever they’re located, in a way that’s consistent, secure, and reliable.

Through Upwork, companies can access a global pool of proven talent in order to scale dynamically, bridge gaps in skills or experience, and find new ways to be effective. Designed to simplify and enhance the process of identifying and onboarding talent, your workers can:

  • Post new jobs
  • See details of jobs already posted
  • Review proposals and profiles of talent who have submitted proposals

“A lot of companies [have] realized that remote work can and will be part of their strategy going forward,” said Brown. “Six or eight months ago they didn’t think this was possible; now they’re thinking that this is the way they have to work to be successful.”


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