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How LinkedIn is a Great Career

How LinkedIn is a Great Career Resource for Nurses

LinkedIn is like social media for the professional world. Nursing careers can greatly benefit from LinkedIn by creating a profile to start building your nursing networks, with the potential of making positive connections with similar professionals. Professional nursing associations also offer opportunities for nurses to network with other nurses. In this case, one has to discover groups that will be helpful to their job search or professional development. So, once you connect with groups that share your interests, you can give and get advice, stay up-to-date on the latest developments in your field, share your expertise and build professional credibility.

Should I Consider Joining Linked in as a Nurse?

LinkedIn on the other hand, is clearly the top platform of social networking for professionals. It hosts millions of users across the world. LinkedIn serves as a resource for nurse recruiters who use it to search for potential nursing job candidates. With LinkedIn, you can search for jobs and also update your profile to be searched as a potential job candidate. You can request for recommendations and prepare for an interview by viewing the profiles of a prospective employer. If you happen to know the names of your interviewers ahead of time, you can also investigate their LinkedIn profiles to know the background and interests of your interviewer which can help you to project a good first impression at the start of an interview session. You can also gain valuable insight into the qualifications, skills and characteristics needed to be successful in a new nursing job. As your network on LinkedIn expands so do your opportunities to broaden your knowledge increase.

What Should I Know Before Joining Linked in?

It’s good to note that having a profile in place is not enough to fully benefit from the site’s networking capabilities. Many nurses make the mistake of creating a LinkedIn profile and leave it inactive. Networking requires you actively connect with people, whether it’s current or former work associates, former classmates or schoolmates and groups relevant to your career interests. The LinkedIn Help function, offers explanations and tips for creating and maintaining connections. The more you put into networking, on the platform the more you are likely to gain.

In case you have any fears, LinkedIn for nurses is just as significant as LinkedIn for any other profession. It’s for everyone and should be your new career-boosting platform because it allows you to advocate your strengths and achievements. You might need to have a complete eye-catching profile. Remember that when you appear in a list of candidates in a LinkedIn search, people are only going to see your picture, your name, and your headline so you need to make these count.

Your name should be the same as what’s on your resume so that you’re easily found. In addition, its good to showcase your education background. Your profile picture should be professional that is taken with proper exposure against a background that does not cause for attention. There is also the headline where you tell people who you are in just a few words. Explain what you’re experienced in, such as ICU or critical care, and perhaps for how long not just mentioning that you are a registered nurse. You can also create a custom URL for your profile which should be close to your name.

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