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How Not To Answer Moral Questions

Regan – How Not To Answer Moral Questions

Correct way of answering moral question

Introduction and thesis

Due to the ethical issues, a section of people often dismisses the likelihood of solving the underlying ethical based issues by deploying a reasoned way of arguing. They claim that moral judgments are of great concern when it comes to a personal mode of preference, views, or public-oriented opinion. In case this is the truth, the ethical way of reasoning would be of no value since a human would have fewer chances of expressing their respective opinions.  According to Tom Regan, this indeed is not the scenario or case.


It is true that moral disagreements similar to the disagreements that are of preference. For sure, this is not the case. In a situation where an individual proceeds with stating a given preference, then indeed, the individual never denies the other individual is saying that in case he or she has a contradicting preference.  Often, preferences are never mutually exclusive. On the other hand, disagreements concerning morality may not be this same perspective. For instance, where D admits that every war is not justifiable, and E contends that all of them are justifiable; in this scenario, D is in denial of what is being said by E.

A section of the philosophers, too, has admitted that this same view is not true, and every moral judgment is just a simple expression of the personal form of difference.  Regan admits this is not a fact since when inquiring about an individual’s moral statement, it is often very desirable in seeking their argument or reasoning. For example, the inquest should seek where it is not desirable, such as personal statement preference.


Based on the moral form of judgments, do not just represent the expression about the personal form of difference, then it abides by the very right. Hence, it is impossible to decide on a wrong based on the personal form of difference. On the same note, it is impossible to answer the moral types of questions by just admitting about liking or not liking something.

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