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How To Do A Modern Resume [Infographic]

How To Do A Modern Resume [Infographic]

Modern Resume Writing Tips

When you are writing your resume, you have to use a style that implies it is modern. An outdated style can make an employer lose interest in your resume. When submitting your resume, what matters is how you present your resume other than what is contained in the resume. The idea is to make it stand out and convincing to the employer to the employer.

Tips on acquiring a modern resume

  • Use social Networks– Finally, to make your resume stand out from the crowd, you can try marketing it in different ways. CNN recommends using social networking sites to post your application materials. These are excellent for networking, making new contacts and getting your name out there. Don’t spam people, as that is just irritating and will turn off potential employers, but do use such sites to make contacts and promote yourself.
  • Use video- The days when resumes were done only in plain text are long gone. Today’s resumes take many creative forms, including videos. Video resumes offer an exciting way for an applicant to showcase their skills especially they are applying for a job in an industry that requires creativity. 
  • Use the correct format and fonts– While the computer gives you the ability to use more than one font, you should stick to only those fonts that make it easy to read your resume. Use Times or Georgia font size 12. Avoid indentation and colored fonts because they cause the readers eyes to wonder instead of focusing on your message.

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