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How To Format An NYU Application Essay

How To Format An NYU Application Essay

Formatting An NYU Application Essay

The strong essay application essay of NYU offers an opportunity to present yourself to the admission counselor and communicate to them to show your abilities, goals and experiences.

 The following details are necessary when structuring your essay. This will make you come up with a well-formatted essay that is compelling.

  • Your written essay is typed and given to the admission committee using U.S standard format, 12-point font and double-spaced.
  • The word count limit should apply to the question.
  • The top of each essay should be labeled with details and page number.
  • You should write the whole essay.
  • If you submit this essay apart from an unwritten form or  through email, you should include a brief description that will accompany your  applicant sent online.

The following are some of the following guidelines and restrictions are applied in the NYU application essay:

  • Once you have submitted your NYU application essay, it immediately becomes the property of New York University and cannot be given back to you for any reason.
  • Written essays should comprise a maximum of 500 words; the essay should be double-spaced with a 12-point format – In case of video or audio file it should not exceed five minutes.
  • If the submission is in the form of a multimedia, you mail USB, DVD or CD drive should be mailed to the admission officers – Those are the only methods that are acceptable in NYU essay application. Do not submit a link to any website or a video hosting service in your application.
  • If the submission that are submitted online and  cannot be seen by the admission committee, the reserve the right to request for another alternative essay – This is in case the file is corrupted or is not properly sent online.
  • Do not submit anything that has already been used or that can be perishable to the admission committee.
  • The instructions given on the mailing and labeling should be adhered to – Those essays sent by mails should be postmarked and should be before the deadline of application.
  • Mailed applications are subjected to restrictions depending on size – Those that exceed the restricted standards are not  reviewed by the admission committee.
  • Additional Information (optional) – If you can add, information that you feel is necessary to be brought to the attention of the admission committee.
  • Uploading Formats – The following are the formats that are accepted in NYU college applications: word, PDF, excel, txt, wpd and rtf.

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