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How To Make A Cover Letter For Resumes

How To Make A Cover Letter For Resumes

How To Create A Good Cover Letter For Resume

The first thing that a potential employer looks for in your application resume is your cover letter. Therefore, it is important for you to have a good cover  letter for your resume. The cover letter  supports your cv hence improves your opportunity for the job applied for.A  well written cover letter convinces the employer even before they look at your cv

Tips for writing a successful resume cover letter

Cover letters generally shows your details and whether you are qualified for the position or not. A cover letter helps the institution to identify you as the most appropriate person for the position applied for. It therefore is relevant for you to write an effective cover letter.

 The following should show how you can write a good cover letter:

  • The introduction- Inform the reader of how you got know about the job opportunity. you have to be precise about where you acquired the knowledge about the opportunity. Be specific on the job opportunity you want in order to avoid confusion to the reader since he might be dealing with many applications.
  • Salutation- It is disciplined for salutation in the beginning of your cover letter. If your have a connection in the institution be sure to mention them in your salutation.
  • The body of the cover letter- This is the most important part of your cover letter in resume. This is where you tell the reason of you applying for the work. You also include your interest in the work and qualifications. You can have three paragraphs:
  • First paragraph- Inform the reader the reason why you are the position you want to apply for in order to save time for the reader since he probably is busy.
  • Second paragraph- This where you market your skills and qualifications to the employer. Give out a strong connection between the position you are applying for and your qualifications. Mention what you have to offer the employer.
  • Last paragraph- Conclude the cover letter by thanking the employer for considering your application. Tell of how you look forward to working with them. Inform how you will follow up to know whether you got the job.
  • Address your cover letter- This makes it for the employer to get to you, if they pick you. Don’t forget to sign your cover letter at the end.

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