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How To Make A Strong Personal Statement For College 

How To Make A Strong Personal Statement For College                                      Making A Strong Personal Statement For College

When applying to a college, the personal statement is very important part since it is where you get to let the admission officers know you. Since standard scores are on the rise, high GPA’s are common and many applicants have impressive resumes college  admission officers have a huge task from selecting from the stuck of application that they receive. It is more than selecting g an individual with the highest numerical qualification. Thus, the essay plays an important role to know the applicant who stands out from the crowd.

A strong personal statement is important because it gives the applicant an opportunity to differentiate him from others. It is not all about showing your accomplishments, but showing how you are unique from the other applicants. High qualifications do not guarantee admission, but your uniqueness and exceptional abilities and experiences.Your personal statement should be strong in order to be able to convince the admission officer that you are a better candidate than the rest.

Statement of Purpose Admission Decisions

The personal statement is an important part in the college application  process this is because it is the chance to communicate to the admission officers why you are the perfect fit for their program. You should be honest and personal to let the officers know you are though by giving your abilities, goals and experienced and how they have influenced your life. In those colleges where the applicant and competition is high, the essay works in the following ways. These are important parts in reviewing your application to determine whether you get the admission or not. That is:

  • The admission officers use GPA  and tests to separate the applicants into a larger general group, they separate those who meet  the minimum qualification and those who do not
  • If you are on the upper or lower limit of the other groups, you have a better chance of either being admitted or rejected. However, this is not a guarantee
  • Applicants which stronger numerical qualifications are sorted and those in the middle pack. This is where the personal statement comes in to bring out those who stand out from the crowd
  • The admission essay chooses  essays that make you seem unique and qualified applicant that will fit to the program
  • A good essay can guarantee admission by itself and have a big impact on your chance of admission or rejection.

Understanding this aspect could have a huge impact on your application to determine your admission or rejection.

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