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How to Make Your Brain Smarter

How to Make Your Brain Smarter

5 Practical Ways To Increase Your Intelligence


We all know that physical activity helps make us stronger and build muscles. However, our muscles are not the only thing that needs exercising. We also need to exercise our brain in order to increase our IQ and perform better in school. Exercising our brain boosts our intelligence and thinking capability.


So, how do we exercise our brain? Here are 5 practical ways on how to improve intelligence.


1. Intelligence Boosting Games

Scientific evidence shows that non-violent games can increase your intelligence. Playing games is a great way to stimulate your brain. It will help you think differently, increase your multitasking skills, decision-making, and problem solving skills. For example,Tetris leads to more efficient brain activity and higher brain processing power. Other intelligent boosting games include Halo and StarCraft


2. Challenge your brain.

There are a number of ways to challenge your brain into making smarter decisions. One of these is cryptology. Cryptology involves breaking coded messages and solving puzzles. Some ways to make yourself smarter by challenging your brain include doing logic and lateral thinking puzzles to help you explore new areas, and solve problems in different ways. You can also practicecrosswordsandSudoku. You can also try to do some things most people think are impossible like programming.

3. Physical activity and exercise your body.

Science shows that keeping your body fit also helps boost your brain power. The next time you are out jogging, be sure that you are helping your brain get a cutting edge!


4. Write Whenever Possible.

Do some handwriting as often as you can! Some practical ways to do this is to send a note to a friend instead of an email, or write a draft of a paper (or an outline) in longhand instead of always doing it on your computer. It will increase visual and kinesthetic stimulation. In addition to this, you should also try to write using your non-dominant hand because it helps you stimulate the non-dominant side of your brain.


5. Read voraciously.

Reading enhances the mind’s ability to comprehend and helps you think critically. Reading a book that you have never read before broadens your horizons, thus increasing your IQ.

Reading different genres is even more productive, as well as reading newspapers, current events magazines, multi-content periodicals (such as the New Yorker and Forbes), and even technical manuals.

Make sure the book is in your reading level. Reading something that is too easy for you doesn’t do anything but entertain, and while you may increase your IQ by reading a novel beyond your reading level, constantly referring to a dictionary will sap the joy out of reading.

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