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How to write a nursing case study essay

How to write a nursing case study essay

A nursing case study is a comprehensive report about a patient that students write during their encounter with the ill during everyday practice during the practicum. They provide essential learning experiences as students can apply their theoretical learning to actual situations to even make conclusions and conclusions. Writing a literature review takes much planning of a methodology, literature review, and accurate documentation while proceeding with the case study.

A well-written case study becomes a guide to care for patients as it shows the expectation as a prognosis, right questions to ask and ways to take care of the patient. You should present all cases is a realistic manner that helps to understand the realities of modern nursing practice.


Sections to Write In a Nursing Case Study Essay


A nursing case study has three large sections. The sections provide patient’s information, assessment of the status and a treatment plan that includes the recommendations. All the details in the case study relate, but they should be in these sub-sections.



Patient status


Patient information is the first portion of a case study paper. It begins by laying out personal information about:


    • Who the patient is
    • Reason for inclusion in the study
    • Demographic data such as age and age
    • Reasons for seeking medical attention
    • Subsequent diagnosis

A patient’s status section also discusses the role of a nurse in the care of a patient in the case study.

A follow-up step is to discuss any process of the disease by outlining causes, symptoms, observations and the way that preferred treatments might affect nursing care. Remember to describe if the patient has a history with the disease and the progression. Some of the essential questions to answer are:

  • The first indications of something wrong with the health
  • The symptoms that made a patient to get a conviction that it was right to seek medical help


Nursing assessment


A discussion of a nursing assessment of the patient should describe the problems according to nursing diagnoses. The writer should identify a specific reason for determining a particular diagnosis. A nursing diagnosis should help to form a nursing care plan. For example, are a patient’s irregular sleeping patterns as a result of frequent urination?



Current treatment and recommendations to improve it


A third section of a nursing care plan describes the care and treatment that a patient is receiving by medication or therapy. It further explains the appropriateness of each treatment by discussing the way care plans are improving the quality of life for the patient.


It is also essential to describe:

  • Expected positive changes to the patient life after treatment
  • Method of executing the care plan
  • A person responsible for delivering the care plan
  • Measurable goals to track and determine the success of a plan

The last discussion should be personal recommendations. Recommend other actions to take to improve the chances of patient recovery based on current health status, diagnosis, and prognosis and care plan. Supporting proposals with authoritative and well-cited sources is essential.



Highlights of a Nursing Case Study Essay


It is the role of a nursing student to document any treatment activities by recording information such as dose and track the presence or lack of improvement. Always start by analyzing data before making a decision about the efficacy of a treatment plan and making conclusions.


Instructors grade a nursing case study according to the content quality of the case study essay and formatting. You should take time to format everything in the required format.

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