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How To Write An Economics Essay Paper

How To Write An Economics Essay Paper

Tips On Writing An Economic Essay Paper

In order to achieve the best economic essay paper you need a clear argument that is well-supported by appropriately referenced evidence. Research your thoroughly before carefully planning your essay. It is essential to have a good structure as well as sticking closely to the main essay question. Make sure to proofread your essay and write in formal and precise prose.

  1. Understand The Question

Make sure you understand the essential point behind the question. If you can, you could try to rephrase the question into a simpler version. It is important to keep reminding yourself of the question as you answer. Note that failure to answer the question can lead to very low marks.

  1. Write In Simple Sentences

It is best for you to write short sentences. Avoid combining too many ideas into one sentence. Simple sentences help you to focus on one thing at once.

  1. Answer The Question

You may have an extensive knowledge of economics but fail to answer the question asked. As a result, you end up scoring a zero on your essay. At the end of the paragraph ask yourself how it answers the question. If necessary, you can write a one-sentence summary that directly answers the question.

  1. Evaluate

It is important to consider other points of view and discuss various different potential outcomes.

For example:

The effect of raising interest rates will reduce consumer spending.

  • However, if confidence is high, higher interest rates may not actually discourage consumer spending.

If the economy is close to full capacity a rise in interest rates may reduce inflation but not reduce growth.

  • However, if there is already a slowdown in the economy, rising interest rates may cause a recession.

In UK A – Levels evaluation counts for 40% of the final Mark

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