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How To Write An Essay Outline For CollegeViews250

How To Write An Essay Outline For CollegeViews250

How To Write An Essay Outline For College

An essay is a structured form of writing that is used to present new information or to apply already existing knowledge to put across a point. Essays enable students to communicate by coming up with ideas.

Formal Paper Outline

The following is a formal outline of an essay:

1. Introduction

Your essay should have an introduction to briefly introduce the topic to your readers and explain how you will answer your topic. The first sentence of your introduction should be an interesting phrase or quote to make the reader interested and motivate them to read on. An introduction includes the following:

  • Hook: This is an interesting fact, phrase, or story used to grab the reader’s attention.
  • Background information: provide enough information necessary for your reader to understand your topic
  • Thesis statement: your thesis statement should indicate your essay’s topic, make your essay’s purpose clear, and provide an overview of the supporting points that will unify the essay.

In addition, your introduction should:

  • Set out the context of your argument.
  • Introduce the context of your essay.
  • Introduce the theoretical perspectives that you will use.
  • Set out your thesis statement.
  • Explain how your essay will be organized.

2. Body

Your essay should have a body that consists of several paragraphs. Your body paragraphs are the source of information for your readers. These paragraphs should:

  • Present a topic sentence supporting your thesis statement and point of argument.
  • Contain developing sentences, which extend the topic sentence.
  • Provide evidence and examples that relate to your topic sentence.
  • Have a concluding sentence.

In addition, ensure that you adhere to the following:

  • Consistency. Make sure that your paragraphs are consistent and follow a similar structure.
  • Accuracy. Avoid contradicting yourself. Include the relevant point presented in your thesis statement.
  • Evidence. Support your ideas by providing facts, statistics, and references.
  • Word choice. Your vocabulary should accurately represent your information.

3. Conclusion

You should finish off your essay with a strong conclusion to remind your readers what they first read. A good conclusion should:

  • Restate your thesis statement.
  • Summarize the points and evidence that you have provided to support your thesis.
  • Suggest areas for further research and investigation.

4. References

Give evidence for the sources, which you have drawn ideas from to support your topic sentences.

In addition, you should also adhere to a certain style of writing in order to come up with a good academic essay. Some of the style pointers you could use include:

  • Use Standard English.
  • Avoid controversial language.
  • Write in the third person unless when otherwise directed.
  • Avoid gender-biased and sexist language.
  • Avoid slang terms, clichés, and colloquial expressions.
  • Be clear and concise.
  • Be direct. Use active rather than passive voice.

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