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How To Write Award Winning Nursing Research Papers

How To Write Award Winning Nursing Research Papers
we will look into the basics of what is contained in a standard research paper.

Steps followed when writing a research paper

· Choose the topic-The chosen may be too wide hence you need to narrow it down to specifics for example in nursing your topic is giving home nursing care to terminally ill patients. This has moved from a wide nursing subject to a specific one.

· Formulate your research question or your problem statement-From your chosen topic there is a specific problem or issues you need to research on hence you formulate this issue. In our case you could write a nursing research paper on the impact of subsidized home nursing care for terminally ill patients. This guides you in collection of material as well as collection of data in the field.

· Collect your nursing research papers material-This could be from books or collection data from the field.

· Drafting of the initial paper-This is a rough draft from the material you have collected you go ahead and refine this draft by filling in any gaps missing from your guidelines.

· Prepare your final copy edit ad proofread then submit it for grading or publishing depending on the purpose.

What should be included in nursing research papers?

· Narrow down to your area of interest since nursing is wide get the specific issue you would like to research on.

· Prepare your proposal many institutions require you to submit a proposal before you go out to the field. Hence present your proposal and once it goes through begin your research.

· Conduct your research- Unlike other research papers your books have to be tried and tested previously. The information should directly relate and be linked to nursing. You should not conduct general research but concentrate nursing information.

· The nursing field is dynamic hence do your best to use the latest information in the field. Do not use books written by Florence nightghale on nursing when your audience is reading the nursing research papers almost a century later. The principles may be the same but a lot will have changed.

· Ethical writing if you are conducting nursing research papers on your patients, be ethical. If they have not consented use of their data do not use it.

· Privacy of your data ensures if it is a college paper that your school has a privacy policy especially if you are going to use your patients. This is to prevent leakage of sensitive information.

The nursing career is a noble one and the graduates should be well equipped upon graduation. Take time to write the best nursing research papers you can by taking the guidelines above into consideration.

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