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How Young Is Too Young For An iPhone?

How Young Is Too Young For An iPhone?

In this modern world, most people own Smartphone or iPhones. It uses is essential in that it helps people gain knowledge, and carrying out communication with various individuals around the world. Interestingly students from middle to high school own these devices too, and they can be used productively in life or for entertainment purpose. As parents purchases iPhones more young people spend their time playing games on these devices. But really how young is “too young” for the young generation to possess iPhones.

IPhone has proven to be the most versatile gadgets on how it is being used by various individuals. The device plays a vital role when used for a particular purpose for instance during office hours or when communicating on agent matters; however, for young people, it can keep them busy all day and teach them a lesson on a particular topic. According to Tartari “Thirty-eight percent of young people under the age of two have used Smartphone devices such as Ipads, iPhone and Kindles” (233). Moreover, the apps on the internet are helpful and students may download these apps and used them for education purpose. The apps help one with language development and providing academic skills in various academic subjects. The result is that kids will gain more skills in school and have fun at a free time, an important aspect which stimulates the development of a child.

However, using the iPhone for education purpose or entertainment does not mean that young people should own these devices. It is costly for them for the small scope of what is being used for. Thomas and Carter claim that the data plan used monthly can reach up to $50 and may increase further as more members of the family buy the gadgets (10). Also, children who own phones perform poorly in school. It may negatively affect them in the way they use the device in that they are obsessed with games and entertainment rather than using them to gain knowledge.  According to Manoj “students who use phones often fail in their education since they are not able to manage their time well” (54). For this reason, phones should not be bought for children, but they should be provided with learning materials for them to learn better and maximize their time when studying in class. Kids should not be given iPhones but they should be allowed to use them when they are matured.

Bad moral behavior is another negative impact that affects children using iPhones. The internet has all sorts of stuff, both good and bad covering religion, sex, wars and many more. Young people are; therefore, misled by what they download on these devices, for example, a child watching sex or people fighting with guns on YouTube negatively affect the mental health of a child.  Children will be obsessed with sexual desires before the right time while others turn to robbers as they become old.

IPhones are helpful in our societies; however, it has an adverse effect on young generations. Though it educates young people on a various aspect of life, iPhones negatively affects the morals of a child when it is not used properly under a strict guidance from the parents. If children are left alone they will abuse the device on the way they get inappropriate information that does not match their age group.



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