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Is there a connection between you, your culture, and the music you will be writing about?

Is there a connection between you, your culture, and the music you will be writing about?Salsa Music ABSTRACT (10 points) ___ Correct format, including page number 1 with correct font ___Clearly tells the reader what the paper is about, but without going into lengthy details The abstract text begins here. It should be double-spaced, using the Times or Times New Roman 12-point font. An abstract gives a summary of the paper, presents a thesis or argument, and tells how you conducted the research. It only needs to be a paragraph or two. Be sure to number your pages starting with this page, with the numbers centered at the bottom of the page. The abstract section does not count toward your 10-page minimum Next section is the Introduction start it on a new page and be sure to include the heading. INTRODUCTION(15 points) Start this section on a new page and include the heading Introduction. Your minimum of 10 pages starts with this section. The introduction can be a more detailed version of your abstract. In other words, develop your abstract here. Provide a clear thesis or present an argument that you will discuss. Is there a connection between you, your culture, and the music you will be writing about? How will your research paper contribute to the academic world? Tell the reader why your work is important. The next section is the History section be sure to have a heading and start it on a new page. HISTORY(10 points) Be sure this starts on a new page and has a heading that you title History. This section focuses on the history of the music and culture you are studying. In this section be sure to include the names of individuals or groups who are important to the development of the music. Avoid just listing these VIPs tell the reader why the person or group is important to the music. A timeline of events may be helpful. The next section you will discuss an interview you will conduct it should have a heading and start on a new page. INTERVIEW(15 points) Be sure this has a heading you call Interview and is on a new page. INTERVIEW one individual affiliated with the music you are studying. This person must be someone who is a musician and actively participates or has participated in the music you are researching. You may also interview a scholar who has credentials in the topic you are studying. The Interviewee should not simply be a fan or amateur collector of the music, although students are welcome to interview such individuals for additional information. Again: THE MAIN INTERVIEWEE MUST CURRENTLY OR IN THE PAST BEEN A MUSICIAN OR SCHOLAR ASSOCIATED WITH THE MUSIC YOU ARE RESEARCHING. In the section, give some background about the person AND include quotes from the interview. WRITE THIS SECTION IN PARAGRAPH FORM! Avoid dropping in Q & A or an entire transcription of the interview. The next section is your analysis section where you will discuss some ethnomusicological theme or themes. Be sure the heading of this section reflects what your analysis is about and that it starts on a new page. ETHNOMUSICOLOGICAL THEME(S) (20 points) It is important that you start this section on a new page and have a heading of your choice that reflects your analysis. The author should attempt to discuss and examine a specific ethnomusicological theme as applied to the chosen topic of study. More than one theme may be analyzed but be sure to have a new heading for each theme. If you do have more than one ethnomusicological theme, keep the text continuous, without starting each new theme on a new page. Your analysis should not be based totally on empirical evidence – it is important that you cite relevant sources that back your analysis. Once finished with your analysis or analyses, to end your paper, start your conclusion on a new page and be sure to have a heading. CONCLUSION(15 points) Remember to have a heading that says Conclusion and start this section on a new page. This summarizes what you had initially theorized, what you have learned, any new revelations you have discovered by conducting the research, and so forth. You may include your own perspectives about what you have studied or provide commentary on any aspect of the music or culture. REFERENCES (10 points) ___ ALL SOURCES, including any interviews, should also be listed here ___Correct and consistent formatting should be used here and the page numbers should end on last page

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