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Making an Outline for a Research Paper

Making an Outline for a Research Paper

Making an Outline for a Research Paper

A research paper is a type of academic paper that requires the writer to analyze the works of others and compare their ideas and thoughts with his own. A research paper needs to be clearly written and well organized. It should involve researching the source material and combining what you learn from it with your own ideas. Every research paper should have an original thesis statement, which clearly shows the writer’s thorough research.

Before writing the final copy of your research paper, you need to first make an outline.

Making an Outline for a Research Paper

The following is a research essay outline:

1. Introduction

The introduction is the most important part of your research paper. It provides a general overview of what your topic is about to your readers. Here, the purpose of your research must be stated clearly. The methodology and the aims for the investigation must also be emphasized in your introduction. The introduction should have the following elements:

  • Begin with an attention grabber. It could be a short story, statistic or historical context that introduces the research paper’s topic.
  • Give an overview of any issues involved with the subject.
  • Define any key terminology needed to understand the topic.
  • Highlight background information on the topic needed to understand the direction of the paper.
  • Finish off with a thesis statement stating what the overall research paper will focus on and briefly outline the main points in the research paper.

2. Body

You need to present every valid argument to support your topic or thesis statement. The body is composed of several paragraphs or subparts, which include the background of the problem and other supporting data.

You should include the following when writing the body:

  • Clearly present the main points of the research essay as listed in the thesis.
  • Give strong examples, details and explanations to support each main point.
  • Use strong evidence from sources. They could be summaries and quotations that support the main points.

3. Conclusion

The final part of a research paper is the conclusion. This consists of a summary of all the major points mentioned to arrive at your final stand on the issue or subject tackled. Make sure that you state your thoughts briefly in the conclusion section. It is also advisable to state recommendations or formulate the prospect for future studies in your conclusion.

A good conclusion should consist of the following:

  • A restatement of your thesis statement from the introduction in different words.
  • A brief summary of each main point that you have included in the body of the research paper.
  • End with a strong statement. The statement could be an appropriate, meaningful final statement that ties the whole point of the essay together

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