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Methods To Practice Self-Care In College

Methods To Practice Self-Care In College

Easy Ways To Practice Self-Care In College

One has to create time for a break at any one point in life. College can leave you upset, tired, and anxious. This can be because you cannot go home until your next break, or you have piles of homework on your desk making you go insane. Most people find it hard to see how they can possibly make time for themselves and yet cannot even handle the situation in front of them. However, always prioritize yourself and look after your emotional and physical wellbeing even if that means having to say no to someone or something. Here are five easy ways you can practice self-care in college.

  1. The first step is self-reflection

You can self-reflect through many ways. It can be through talking on the phone to your mom while pacing around the room or typing in the notes on your phone while listening to calming music. Find whatever works for you. Make sure this is the first thing you do when continuously feeling upset. It will help you build a starting point from where you can figure out how to tackle the problems you are facing and what is needed to give yourself some peace of mind.

  1. Do things that inspire or motivate, but also make feels productive

Most students feel pressured to be productive 24/7. Take a break from your work and do something for yourself in order to start getting out of this frame of mind. Take at least 20 minutes to remember why you are here getting an education, or why you love doing the things you used to be so passionate about. Maybe you are good at playing an instrument, or love solving logic puzzles.

  1. Treat Yourself

Treat yourself after a long day of class, work, or whatever else. Go for some shopping, pick up some bubble tea on the way home, and take a long warm shower.

  1. Go Outside

Lack of sunlight can result in a drop in serotonin, a hormone that affects your mood. You can stimulate your brain to make more serotonin by going outside. You would be surprised at how easy it is to convince yourself you are living the luxurious life, whilst in a tiny college dorm room.

  1. Sleep

Sleep lets our bodies heal themselves, and when you do not get enough, it affects every aspect of your life. Not sleeping enough can kill your sex drive, contribute to symptoms of depression, age your skin, and make you gain weight. College students worry about enough without dealing with aging, weight gain and a low libido. Try not to set an alarm one day a week. Alarms are jarring and stressful, and you should be doing everything you can to decrease the stress in your life. Pro tip: If you always wake up to your alarm, that means you need more sleep.

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