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My Experience with Nnivo

My Experience with Nnivo
Nnivo Software gives an enjoyable experience as one of the main computer assisted quality data analysis software. My experience with Nnivo software in coding my data greatly enhanced my data analysis. The software facilitates an accurate as well as transparent data analysis process. Moreover, the software provided me with a quick and simple mechanism of counting particular data from the subjects. It also provided an effective framework for attaining reliability. Therefore, Nnivo helped me interrogate my data at a specific level. This led to an improvement in validity and reliability or the rigor of the analysis process as it help validate or reject the impression of the researcher of the data. Challenge
The challenge of Nnivo, however, widens the gap between the researcher and the data. For example, the software does many things and hence as a researcher is distanced from the data, and this encourage quantitative analysis of qualitative data. Moreover, this creates a homogeneity in methods across the social sciences (Welsh, 2002). Another challenge I experienced with the Nnivo is continuous and challenging tempt to re-code a sub-set whenever I ask a question of the data and obtain a sub-set of the data as a response. Moreover, it is hard to decide when and how to stop coding and sit back to think some thematic connection possibilities across the data. Advantages
One of the advantages of this software is ensuring reliability and validity or vigor leading to raised accuracy. For example, the search facility in Nnivo seen by the product designers as key in enhancing data interrogation. Particularly, this feature is effective when data are searched based on their attributes. Therefore, the researcher gets a reliable result when Nnivo is employed rather than a manual mechanism to code data since Nnivo rules out the probability of human error. Thus, for studies that call for a need to gain an overall impression of the data that is not unduly influenced by specific memorable accounts, the software is effective. There is an increased confident in the interpretation of data when Nnivo is used as compared to manual data cutting and pasting of pieces of text. This is because, Nnivo coding process is quick relative to manual coding as more coding take place and hence the additional coding may lead to effective understanding of the data. Disadvantage
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My Experience with Nnivo

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