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NSG5000 Role of the Advanced Practice Nurse


The American Academy of Nurse Practitioner Certification Board is a body that is mandate to provide the recommended and reliable program for anticipating, practicing and advancing nursing practitioners (aanpcert, 2020). In the United States, Nursing Practitioners are currently the most preferred health partners for most Americans; meaning that as medical practice continue to blend the various aspects of clinical practice in treatment or diagnosis of various health conditions; with an added stress on the issue of health management and disease prevention, it is important to embrace the comprehensive and personal perspective that the nursing practitioners contribute to healthcare delivery (Hughes, 2015). The following essay looks at the American Association of Nursing Practitioners mission in regard to the credentialing of Nursing Practioners (NPs), with a closer look at Tampa- Florida. 

Credentialing of Nursing practitioners

In Florida State, All NPs must complete a master’s or doctoral degree program and have advanced clinical training beyond their initial professional registered nurse (RN) preparation. Didactic and clinical courses prepare nurses with specialized knowledge and clinical competency to practice in primary care, acute care and long-term health care settings. This is why in Florida State, nursing practitioner will undergo a very rigorous process; which is important for one to be recognized as a qualified health care provider and ensure the higher levels of care. It is also important that nursing practitioners attain the national certification, undergo various clinical outcome evaluations, undertake periodic peer reviews and adhere to the state and national code of ethics and practice (Hughes, 2015). A desired nursing practitioner is also one that is self- motivated to continue learning and attaining the highest levels of professional development as this will ensure that they are in a better position when it comes to clinical competency. Also when one wants to ensure that there is a proper promotion of improved health outcomes and promotion of quality health, nursing practitioners are required to participate and lead in both professional and undertake various healthcare forums, participate in evidence based research and apply what they learn in clinical practice. 

Scope of Nursing Practice in Tampa Florida

The nursing practice in Florida is regulated under the Florida Nursing Practice Act. From chapter 464 of the Florida statutes; it was established to make sure that any qualified nurse practicing in any part of Florida State including Tampa meets the mandatory requirements for safe practices (, 2020). In this regard, any nurse that does not have the credentials required for the minimum competency is deemed as a danger to the practice and to the general population, meaning that they are a not allowed to practice in any part of Florida state. The laws is also followed by the American Association of Nursing Practice and looks at the most common classification of nurse that include the Licensed Practice Nurse and the Registered Nurse. 

The AANP thus finds the levels of credentialing Nursing practitioners guided by the scope of this law, as defined under section 464.003(3)(a) (, 2020). From this statute the scope of nursing practice looks at the performance of each act that is calls for substantial specialized judgment, knowledge, and nursing practice skills that are based on the principles of biological, psychological, physical and social sciences. 

In this regard, as a Nursing Practitioner in Florida I am expected to observe , diagnose at nursing level, assess, plan, intervene and evaluation various continuum of care. In this regard it is important for me to participate in health teaching, counselling of the injured, ill, or inform. It is a mandate by the AANP that any nursing practitioner also work towards the maintenance of health and prevention of illnesses among the public. As a nursing practitioner I am also expected to administer medication and treatment as required by my level of licensure and the code of practice by the AANP (Hughes, 2015). Also as I grow through my practice I will be entitled to providing supervision and teaching of other practitioners in regard to the theory and performance of various acts. 

Impact in the Nursing Practice

In regard to the credentialing of NPs by AANP, this has helped in promoting credibility in the profession. This is because nowadays nursing practitioners are more than just provides. The AANP requires nursing practitioner to become educators, mentors, administrators and researchers. In most cases one can find that the AANP helps nursing practitioners to maintain professional standard when participating in various health policy activities at the national and state levels. The other impact of ensuring NP credentialing is that the cost of healthcare is also reduced. When nursing practitioners are able to provide high quality levels of healthcare and counselling, it means that long stays in hospitals are reduced as patient are able to adhere to treatment directions (aanpcert, 2020). The cost of healthcare is thus reduced when for example patients that find Nursing practitioners as their main provider of care, they are bound to have very few emergency room visits and lower medication costs. 


In conclusion, AANP mission regarding NP credentialing is very important in promoting ethical practices in the nursing profession; this also ensures an increase in patient satisfaction where statistics indicate that more people prefer making visits to nursing practitioners than physicians due to the high levels of satisfaction that they enjoy. The code of practice should always be observed and AANP should continue to ensure that NPs offer high quality, cost effective and healthcare focused on the patient. 


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