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nurse 6630 week 5 assignment

nurse 6630 week 5 assignment

Assessing and Treating Clients With Anxiety Disorders

it is interactive so click at each step which medication or what you would do here is how the paper must follow: decision tree assignment instructions here is a general framework for what i am looking for on the decision tree assignments. provide an introduction to the disease state discussed in the case. i am looking for a high-level summary that briefly describes the key aspects of that disease state. i do not want several pages of information related to the diagnosis of the disease state. provide a high-level summary of the important pieces of information from the case-study that is presented. i do not want the entire case study presented. the goal is that you would be able to give your essay to someone that does not know anything about the assignment and for that individual to be able to understand the purpose of your essay. again….focus on the important pieces of information that will help you make your decision. you also want to mention the purpose of the assignment. this can be brief. decision point 1, 2, and 3. at each decision point, list the options that are presented and describe your rationale for choosing the option you chose. i do not want general answers….”i chose sertraline because sertraline is an ssri and most people do well on an ssri”. you will also need to explain your rationale for not choosing the other two options. when you make your choice, you also need to describe your goals of treatment. what do you want to achieve by initiating the therapy you picked. again….be specific. defend your choices like you are in a courtroom. after each decision, you will be presented with the outcome of that decision. you need to discuss how that outcome was what you expected or if it was different than what you expected and why. you will do the above for all three decision points. you need to use evidence to support your rationale. [support your rationale with a minimum of three academic resources. while you may use the course text to support your rationale, it will not count toward the resource requirement.

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