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Nursing Leadership Style- Idealistic Research Paper

Nursing Leadership Style- Idealistic Research Paper

Identification of leadership styles-Kiersey- Temperament assessment

Unique traits/ characteristics

Improvement assessment

Nursing: Leadership Style- Idealistic
Identification of leadership style-Kiersey- Temperament assessment
After taking the Kiersey- Temperament Assessment test, idealistic leadership style was the detected pattern influencing my deportment in this capacity. The associating personality disposition lies in my ability to be dedicated; caring; motivated and influencing others to be purpose directed as I am (Yoder-Wise, 2007).
My organization represents a social structure through which everyone contributes valuable skills in enhancing delivery of service to the public. We function as a team dedicated to excellence. It is important to me that the organization develops and worker do the same.

Unique traits/ characteristics
Precisely, I see myself as a motivator who leads by example. Never would a staff person be assigned a project which personally I would not have undertaken had I been in that category of nursing service. Always, I endeavor to do unto others as I would have it done to me.
My interpretation of leadership is being fair, firm yet friendly. It is my belief that staff must be validated when their performance is excellent. Besides, they must receive credit for it as a mark of appreciation and motivation to continue their excellent performance on the clinical area. My belief is that democratic management ought to prevail above autocratic and benevolent (Wong, 2007).

Improvement assessment
There is always scope for improvement since this is an evolving universe. With globalization and social change impacting nursing science; upgrading of skills and refining interpersonal relationships on the job between and among staff as well as patients is always the goal (Hybels, 2002). As such, learning and applying new skills remain a vital aspect of my improvement model.

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