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If you already used auction sites for buying essays in the past, there won’t be much new below. However, it’s important to mention in this  review all the main features, since we don’t want to have wrong expectations from the service.

  • This is a bidding platform. Therefore, you will place your request with as many details as possible and wait for writers to bid. You will be able to choose your writer on your own based on their profiles. The selection criteria is experience, rating, price offered. And at the end their reviews from previous clients. At the same time, we need to warn you, you will spend a while on viewing the profiles and selecting a suitable one.
  • One-to-one chat with your writer. This isn’t only for discussing details of the assignment. Another useful thing we’d like to mention in this review is that through chat you can negotiate the final price. Of course, you have to do it before accepting the offer of a writer.
  • You never pay in advance with bidding platforms. The writer is paid once you release him or her. This you should do once the paper is ready and fully double checked by you. Otherwise, keep in mind that you’ll have to deposit the whole amount to you account to get the work start.
  • This is perfect in confidentiality protection. Both you and your writer have nicknames as soon as you start your account. This means that almost no one will know your real name. A piece of mind, of course, since you don’t have to worry about someone contacting your university or employer.
  • works with freelance writers. It’s just the same as all bidding platforms do, since that is the only way to provide 24/7 availability and bidding. The side effect of this is that they might have very little control over checking out the details about their writers. They can basically lie about their experience and education level.

Good to highlight in this review that the platform works with writers having minimum bachelor’s degree. As well, it’s important to know that not all the customers are looking for A+ graded essays. This is the reason of every negative  review. When a customer chose a very low bid and expected an A+. For highest grades chose higher bids – simple like that.


Unfortunately, with bidding platforms like  you never know the price in advance. Of course, you can set yourself a budget you can spend on this writing and stick to it once choosing the writers. However, experience shows that bidding platforms are not good for cheap essays. In fact, you better use portals like  to get a high-class writer and be able to negotiate privately the price. Low cost papers from auction sites aren’t usually spectacular.

Just as the price, discounts are missing as well. Since the total cost is completely up to the writer,  However, those you have used before say that an average cost per page will turn out to be around 25 $. And as you see, this is not cheap at all.


The definite advantage shown above in this review is that you have to possibility to choose your own writer. As well, you keep the right to pay him or her once the paper is done and you have checked it.provides you with all popular extras, like plagiarism check, preview of a paper, drafts, chat etc.

The fact that you can negotiate the final price with the writer you liked is also an advantage.


Before in this review we mentioned the lack of price list and discounts. As well as the point that prices are higher than on an average on the market. Time-consuming process of choosing the writer on your own also makes you doubt whether to go for it or not. You can expect high quality from the platform only in case you chose a high bid. Other than that, going for a low-cost writer doesn’t seem to make much sense.


"Order a similar paper and get 15% discount on your first order with us
Use the following coupon

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