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Simple College Habits That Will Boost Your Grades

Simple College Habits That Will Boost Your Grades

College Habits To Help Boost Your Grades

I know it seems impossible to improve your grades without losing your mind and spending all of your free time studying. All it takes is a little bit of effort and some new habits. You should acknowledge other things that will contribute to your grade even though studying is important.

Certain habits that will help earn you some points with your professors and help you to become a better student, which in turn should help improve your grades. In addition, many of these habits are not very difficult at all. You can do this:

  1. Participating in each class

Participate in each class to make your presence known. This might be asking your professor to elaborate on something or even just sitting towards the front and making the occasional, but oftentimes dreaded, eye contact. Don’t be the student whose hand is up constantly regardless of whether or not they have anything of substance to say, but do contribute as much as possible.

  1. Putting your phone away

Whether you are actually using it or not, having your phone out can very easily be portrayed as being disrespectful or not paying attention. Also, ensure your phone does not go off during class by turning it off or putting it on airplane mode. Let your professor know beforehand so they know you are not just being rude in case you expect an important call.

  1. Taking notes with a pen and notebook

This is a great way to force yourself to focus more and pay more attention. You cannot just open a new tab and check Facebook and oftentimes writing things down help, them stick in your memory.

  1. Showing up to class early

You should have already taken off your coat, settled and taken out your books before the class starts. By arriving to class five minutes early, you are allowing yourself to get prepared and settled before your professor starts teaching. At least try to not be late if this is not possible.

  1. Attending your professor’s office hours with a purpose

Every college advice post ever, advises you to go to your professor’s office hours. The problem with this is it is a lot easier to do when you have an actual purpose or reason to go.

  1. Making the professor recognize your name

Do not be annoying, but do attempt to participate or engage enough to the point where when your professor is giving you your final grade, they do not need to scratch their head to figure out who you are. It is also easiest to do this when you consistently sit in the same seat.

  1. Sitting in the front or the middle

This is another good way to ensure your professor is familiar with you. It is easier to forget a face that is way in the back of the room than it is to forget one near the front. This is also helpful when it comes to participating and being able to see the board. In addition, on a real note, it is much easier to force yourself to pay attention if the professor is literally right in front of your face.

  1. Asking intelligent questions

Whoever said there is no such thing as a stupid question was probably that annoying kid in class who asks questions the professor just answered or already responded to in the syllabus. While not everything you ask needs to be the next great breakthrough, try to ask questions that are thoughtful or have not already been answered.

  1. Proofreading your work

Proofreading is not only for your major research papers. Proofread anything that is turned into your professors whether it is a quick e-mail, a homework assignment, or a pop quiz. Grammatical and spelling errors can easily be avoided, which can make a huge difference. Just simply reading something over twice can make a huge difference.

  1. Keeping track of all due dates and deadlines

The worst way to earn a bad grade is by missing deadlines or forgetting to turn projects in. Add Reminders, Google Calendar notes or even physical notes in your planners on the day things are due and for the week before. Let yourself know in advance so you can avoid remembering the deadline the night before the assignment is due.

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