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These devices in THE LATEST TECHNOLOGY IN HEALTH CARE record the time, date, place of inhaler use and if the user took the correct dose. They also detect inhaler use and even remind patients about the time to use their medication. It will provide valuable insight to determine the level of adherence by patients in taking their controller medications. They also provide alerts when patients experience a flare.


Add on devices that clip to existing inhalers and send the data to a smartphone app are also available. A clinical trial on add-on smart inhaler device found that the participants who were using less reliever medication had improved overall asthma control and more reliever free days for 12 months of the study. The plan now is to avail the fully integrated smart inhalers for sale to consumers.

Precision meds for cancer

Cancer diagnosis might raise more than 1.5 million people, and each requires healthcare solutions to fight the infection. A precision tool is a tool that fights cancerous cells in a better way than before. Precision medicine approach to the treatment of cancer allows doctors to select medicine according to the genetic makeup of the disease. The doctor will not just treat cancer but the precise type that a patient has down to specific proteins and abnormal genes. Researchers have been gaining a greater understanding of the developments inside a cell as it stats becoming cancerous and once the infection subdues. Specific molecular mechanisms and genetic mutations inside a cell make it vulnerable for treatment. Precision meds target cancer and the molecular thing to exploit in that particular cancer instead of specific organ cancer.

Artificial pancreas

Artificial pancreas also called an automated insulin delivery system helps to eliminate a never-ending cycle to check, monitor and streamlining the glucose delivery process. People with diabetes wear systems like a traditional insulin pump, but the new design has an automatic blood sugar management. The automation allows continued monitoring of glucose levels and providing of insulin that stabilizes blood sugar levels as necessary.

Computer modes

A computer model with an algorithm connecting the insulin pump to a Smartphone manages the artificial pancreas. It can detect the glucose level and give the necessary dose but not a fixed amount. The latest technology in healthcare is a breakthrough. It will open the way for making of many other gadgets that improve diagnosis and treatment.

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