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The threat of the deal of the century to Jordan (use An interesting and exciting article title)

The threat of the deal of the century to Jordan (use An interesting and exciting article title)Century deal is an exception for me. It is no longer a theory, but a reality translated into all American policies since Trump came to power. It does not need an announcement. It has been implemented since the US administration announced the transfer of its embassy to Jerusalem and its financial support to UNRWA. There is no doubt that the deal is a direct threat to the Palestinian cause and to the Palestinians. It is trying to take over Jerusalem, the Jordan Valley and the lands on which the settlements were established, while refusing to recognize the right of return and refusing to recognize a Palestinian state unless it is intended to establish a state in Gaza only. The remaining territories of the West Bank, which are sporadic and unrelated cantons, fear that the United States will try to convince Jordan of a kind of administrative or political rule over it, thereby eliminating the Palestinian right to establish a state on its national soil, including Jerusalem. Palestinian, I do not understand the continuation of the current Palestinian division between Fatah and Hamas regardless of the reasons, swallowing the right and the ground while the two sides are struggling for influence, what political wisdom? The current situation requires both sides to agree immediately, even if the Palestinian state can be achieved, they can disagree as they wish. The current division is no less than political suicide. Jordanian, the deal of the century is not less than a real existential threat aimed at the liquidation of the Palestinian cause and at the expense of Jordan. I think that Jordan is fully aware of this fact and its direct translation, that the two-state solution is being officially assassinated today by the American administration, in addition to Israel, of course. And I have no doubt that the King’s last visit to the United States is to warn all American decision-making circles of the consequences of continuing such a project and its direct threat to Jordan as well as to the Palestinians. It is a move for His Majesty the King that we should all stand behind. On this subject, there seems to be a Jordanian-Egyptian consensus on the refusal of the deal, because Egypt is also not interested in a deal the United States might try to convince it of some kind of administrative or political control of Gaza as an alternative to a Palestinian state in Gaza. Jordan has also begun a new rapprochement with Iraq after a lukewarm relationship that lasted for years after the US invasion and a renewed relationship with Tunisia, which was recently visited by His Majesty the King, which is undergoing a political experiment in which Jordan can benefit from many aspects. Today, we are entering a new phase that revisits old alliances and opens the door to new understandings. Jordan, regardless of its close relationship with the United States, will not accept projects that threaten its existence, whatever the economic temptations, and its Gulf relations are in a state of revision, approaching both Kuwait and Iraq and moving away from Saudi Arabia. As for Israel, there is no argument for any kind of rapprochement with it. It is acting directly against Jordan and existentialism. A new approach is needed as much as the Palestinians need a new approach. In the end, the deal of the century will not pass, and neither the Palestinian and Jordanian leaders accept it, and the Palestinians are required to support their land for a long time after Trump leaves his position a year or five years after Netanyahu leaves his position in less than a year. The survival of the Palestinians on their land will solve the problem in the long term. *** Jerusalem, Unrwa, jewish state, Golan heights, Jordan would never be the alternative home for palestinians, hashemite custodianship, the Deal of the Century, also known as Middle East Peace Plan. For Jordan, it is not and will never be a peace plan; it is a violation of fundamental human rights, Despite the packages that Trump has for Jordan, it is possible that Jordan has plans to address the refugee challenge and the economic crisis, Jordans best alternative in the whole scenario, Jordan understands that lasting peace in the whole region is of supreme significance to its existence and survival. The US administration should have Jordan as a rational actor to solve the Israeli-Palestine conflict because Jordan can help in formulating models used to achieve sustainable peace in the volatile region.

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