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2. A holistic approach to a problem

TCM considers everything in the body to have interconnection and its healing path is holistic. Its practitioners believe in administering holistic healing from:oMicro(atomic) to the macro(universe Environment to the human body Top to bottom i nnside and out of Organ to organ Physical to emotional connection Indeed all these components have a relationship, and any knowledgeable TCM doctor does not rule out these factors.

3. Variety of treatment methods

TCM techniques involve a variety of ways to treat various disorders or diseases. It is more of personalized treatment and prescription according to individual needs as TCM practice believes every person has a unique constitution and makeup. It presents a choice of acupuncture, reflexology, massage therapy, cupping or Tai Chi among others to suit individual needs. You can use the method to approach the problem from various angles with the adherence to TCM foundational theories as for the only rule.

4. Continued development and research

Chinese medicine techniques have been in place for long, but development and research are ever on-going. The never-ending growth makes TCM more exciting as it keeps discovering new methods, formulas, and technology. TCM is also becoming more inter-disciplinary by adding some knowledge from western medicine, naturopathy, physiotherapy, and chiropractic among others into its toolkit. The rule even when it accommodates new knowledge is that the practice must identify with its roots and foundational theories.


I. Lack of evidence-based practice

TCM techniques fall under alternative medicines that have been a subject of much studying and focus deems them safe. Still, there are others that have not been getting much study hence there is minimal evidence to support their effectiveness. The fact that medicine or a technique is natural does not guarantee its safety. Some have toxic minerals that can harm some people. It is not like going for a method or a product in wm whereby practitioners prescribe something that has gone through extensive testing to authenticate its safety.

II. Practitioners with different ideas

Practitioners who treat with traditional Chinese medicine techniques get training from experts with different school of thought because it of the long history and newer developments .some might only know of the traditional practices. They are keen about sticking to the roots up to the end without changing or incorporating new knowledge. Another group has been moving from the classic formula using western medicine as the foundational knowledge while using the TCM treatment modalities.

III. Difficulty in finding personalized service

Since there is a plethora of ways for diagnosing and treating patients, they might have problems to see a practitioner who suite individual needs. For instance,massage or acupuncture might be the way to heal a condition but there are different ways that therapists use to attain the purpose. It might only be that just a few therapists can provide the service in the way that you like. The success of the techniques also requires much cooperation between a patient and a therapist.

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