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What is it like working for a startup?

Working at a startup has been one the best experiences I have ever had. However, it is not for everyone. The environment is incredibly demanding, more so than a standard corporate position. That said, there are some great perks to working for a small company that you will not get from a larger firm. I’ve also met some amazing people since I began getting involved with Studypool.Working for a startup is not like any other job. Late nights and early morning will line up your week as every individual serves as the backbone to the company. Under-performers are easily spotted and cannot hide behind other team members. If you take pride in your work and are good at what you do, you will be able to push your ideas to the limit and make the company better.

While the work may be more intense, there are many perks to working for a startup. Firstly, the office setting is very laid back. I can go to work in gym shorts and a tank top. A normal firm would throw me out from seeing that attire. Secondly, you become close with your coworkers. You will grab beers after work, hit the gym with some of them, even grab a game of Dota in the office after hours!

If you want to meet some interesting people, then startups are the way to go. When I was in 500 Startups, I met some incredible people who were pushing incredible ideas. You’ll meet friends that will be all over the world.

To all the students who are interesting in seeing what it’s really like to work for a startup, take a look a the companies near you on AngelList. They have profile of companies and you can directly contact them through the website. Good Luck!

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