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Writing career for nurses

Writing career for nurses

Many people only think of nursing professionals as workers in healthcare facilities, but it is not the case always. Nurses can take different roles but still use their educational and skills. Nurses are also taking non-traditional roles and writing is one of them.


Joining a Writing Career For Nurses



Identify the writing platform


There are numerous writing opportunities for nurses, and they can be publications or online. Read various publications that specialize in writing on nursing and healthcare to determine the one that suits your interests. Extend your search online as it has become a great platform for writers to gain and reach thousands of readers.


Nursing publications have their audience and purpose your planned topics should fit. You should also pay attention to the formatting. Consider the issues such as headings and subheadings to help you in structuring an article according to the style.



Study writer guidelines


Determine the content layout guidelines and any other essential information for the authors. Chances of getting published improve by adhering to a particular style. Guidelines also provide directions on the way to submit articles. Some prefer that the writer pitches an idea through a query by a letter while others just require a manuscript.



Choose a compelling topic


Write and send an article or research on a topic that draws your passion to the editor of your chosen publication or online platform. Start by writing smaller pieces to prevent the risk of developing a writer’s block. You will be ready to write more content like a long journal article as you gain confidence and experience, Choose one compelling topic that you can adhere to without jumping back and forth to others. You should also create a suitable outline from the beginning. It is essential to get professional feedback from a friend or colleague to determine the erroneous sections.



Prepare to revise


If an online or offline publication expresses an interest in our contribution, it might have some conditions that require revising or even rewriting. You might also need to rectify small or intensive issues such as inconsistencies in terminology, adding more statistics or incorporating more references.

Common Opportunities to a Writing Career for Nurses



Magazines and journals


Nursing professionals have numerous opportunities to write for well-established journals and magazines. These types of publications are usually searching for writers of editorial content with industrial experience to provide compelling pieces for a nursing audience. Nurses can communicate better to the audiences than writers without any industrial experience. The knowledge and experience in the nursing industry allow nurses to provide informative details that nurses can read and apply in healthcare duties.



Medical writing


Nurses with a passion for writing can fulfill their desire by working as a medical writer in another way for. Medical writing involves covering different topics on research, general medication, and regulation. Different types of media accept the work of medical writers. These include:


  • Textbooks
  • Patient handbooks
  • Insurance documents
  • Marketing brochures and other marketing materials
  • Research and grant materials
  • Websites

Medical writing requires researching and writing about the findings in a manner that is informative to the industry specialists and still simple to understand by the average readers.



Nursing blog


A blog is a website or webpage that get regular updates. Nurses can use their professional knowledge to write frequent content for updating a nursing blog. They can also start their blogs. It requires creating an appealing name, identifying the host and an information gap that requires filing with well-researched content. A blog requires informative content with an appeal that makes readers to get a desire for visiting the blog frequently.

A writing career for nurses is possible even if it begins with part-time contributions. A nurse can efficiently provide health information and tips to readers. The role can also extend to editing and proofreading.

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